BlindGate? Meh. BRT Subsidies? YAS (2nd MSC Meeting of 2018)

The usual time of Friday evenings when MSCs are usually held on had to be rescheduled as both staff and students on campus were terrorized by water disruptions. For some, it was an extended weekend, while for MUSA members it was probably a relief for not needing to sit through a meeting while being agitated about dirty laundry and clean drinking water.

Quenched, MUSA members gathered on the following Monday for the rescheduled MSC. One of the first issues being discussed was BlindGate™️, where the executive committee questioned the decision of some MUSA members who installed adjustable blinds on their doors. The issue was brought upon by the debacle of transparency and privacy as some members felt the necessity to provide confidentiality in certain instances, while some members felt that it discouraged transparency. As a verdict, President Thush allowed blinders strictly for confidential meetings and monetary transactions. A notice should also be placed to notify others when it’s being used for limited times only. Any form of abuse will result in warning letters — no shady business even when the shades are down.

For students who are looking for additional learning sessions by peers, for peers, the Vice Presidents have shared the list of units available for PASS (Peer Assisted Studying Sessions). Interested students can proceed to sign up for said units on Allocate+.


School of Arts and Social Sciences

AMU2140 States and Markets

AMU1305 Film Studies

AMU1277 Media Studies


School of Business

ACW1100 Introduction to Financial Accounting

ACW2491 Financial Accounting

ETW2410 Introductory Economics


School of Engineering

ENG1002 Engineering Design: Cleaner, Safer, Smarter

ENG1001 Engineering Design: Lighter, Faster, Stronger

MEC2404 Mechanics of Fluids

MEC2402 Engineering Design 1

ENG1005 Engineering Mathematics


Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences

MED1011 Medicine1

MED1022 Medicine 2

PSY2061 Biological Psychology

PSY3051 Perception and Cognitive Psychology


School of Information Technology

FIT1045 Algorithms and programming fundamentals in python

FIT1047 Introduction to computer systems, networks and security

MAT1830 Discrete mathematics for computer science

FIT1008 Introduction To Computer Science

MAT1841 Mathematics for Computer Science

FIT2004 Algorithms and Data Structures

FIT2099 Object Oriented Design and Implementation


School of Pharmacy

PHR 1031


School of Science

BTH2741 –  Biochemistry

CHM1051 –  Chemistry 1 advanced


Moving on, MUISS Heads expressed their regret over the relatively low turnout for their KL Tour, potentially due to the lack of awareness and confusion with Monash Abroad among international students. On a more positive note, MUISS introduced the rest of their newly elected division, fresh off the by-elections.

C&S Heads Sharik and Ashley were proud to introduce the completion of the C&S 101 handbook. Along with constant updates, streamlining, and feedback, the handbook will serve as the official guideline for clubs and societies. They, too, announced the additions to the rest of their committee. In the C&S AGM, it was brought up that the usage of logos by clubs and societies was no longer allowed on official merchandise and documents, with the exception of t-shirts and booth decorations after C&S Publicity’s approval. This was a Monash Australia decision to prevent the dilution of the Monash identity. C&S also promised to update the status and funding for Team Monash very soon upon the amendment of policies in the handbook. Since the new Recreational Booking System only allows bookings from individuals and MUSA members, C&S bookings will now be handled by the C&S Sports Officer.

What?! We can’t use logos anymore?

Activities Chairpersons Matthew and Siemone shared that Orientation Bash was a success, despite lukewarm reception among MUSA members and the amount of sick participants who dropped out. Due to funding matters, the untitled music festival will be helmed by Radio Monash instead, while Activities will increase the amount of smaller scale events.

Other than having graphic design as their passion, Publicity Officers Trisha and Milton have also expressed their charitable spirit by offering their graphic design services for free, instead of charging the initial fee of RM50 – RM100. As they work on a first-come-first-serve basis, the only thing they ask for is your time — just let them know in advance! Their department will also be holding a Photoshop workshop soon, so do keep an eye out if you’re looking to pick up a new skill, or planning to start your own streetwear line.

The guy behind the gifs on our MUSA FB page

Alas, the Welfare department was excited to share that they’ll be subsidizing the BRT parking fees by RM1 for each working day. Once Welfare announces this initiative, students can collect their subsidies by the end of each week. Further guidelines will be released later this week. The Welfare officers have also taken an active approach towards helping the student body with lost and found items by working along Security department. Items lost and found will be uploaded onto the ever-popular, ever-wholesome ‘LOST & FOUND CORNER MONASH UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA’ Facebook page.

And that concludes another round of our MSC! After a two hour session, MUSA members then joined in on the Mingle Night event hosted by the School of Business and Science, just to wrap up the rest of the evening, gelatos included.

For more detailed information for any of these, refer to the 2nd MSC Meeting Minutes. Also, if you’re keen on watching a livestream of what went down, do check out the video below!


Article by LingJie Tuang

Photos by Terence Kong


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