A, B, C of Monash

Editor’s Note: To reflect on the current times at Monash, we’ve decided pay homage by using the ABCs. Here’s our very first installment!

A of Monash
I am still learning… on how to get my academic life together

A – Ancora Imparo

Not to be mistaken as a spell from Harry Potter, Ancora Imparo is Monash’s motto which translates to “I am still learning”. This Italian (not Latin, mind you) phrase was proclaimed by the great Renaissance artist, Michelangelo at the age of 87. True to this motto, Monash students are reminded that learning is a never-ending journey and that mistakes should be made as a stepping stone for improvement. The next time you are looking for a deep phrase for your new tattoo, Instagram bio or caption for your aesthetic pictures, look no further!

The starting point of my great escape…

B – BRT Sunway

This was a tough one finding something that relates to Monash starting with the letter B (however tempting it is to pair it up with the letter the word Sunway starts with). But hey, the answer is right at our own doorstep! The bus rapid transit line offers an environmental-friendly, hassle-free and convenient mode of transport for students to come to their beloved university. For international students staying around Sunway too, with the BRT connecting you to the LRT station that brings you to KL Sentral, you basically have access to travel around the whole Peninsular Malaysia!

Processed with VSCO
Rewriting the way we confess

C – Confessions page

Surpassing almost all clubs and societies in Monash Malaysia in the number of followers of a student-led page on Facebook (only 2nd to our unflinching Monash University Student Association), this mighty Confessions page is the place to go to kill your pastime and brain cells. Butterflies in your stomach thinking of that hot girl in your class? Confess anonymously! Hate your lecturer but not wanting them to improve by channeling constructive criticism through the SETU Evaluations instead? Confess! Want to rant about M_SA but too shy to participate in their forums and watch their live-streamed meetings? Confess!


Article by Durrah Sharifah

Photos by Nicholas Khoo, Vivian Lee Yee Ling and Samuel Goh

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