D, E, F of Monash

Chris Oh Monash Cultural Night-12.jpg
Monash Cultural Night 2017 was simply 🔥. Be sure to attend this year’s 😁

D – Diversity

Yes I’ll admit it was tempting to go with DICK or DRAMA for this instalment of letters of Monash, but no, I don’t want to lose my job and/or status as a Monash student; so get your mind out of the gutter and accept the diversity in Monash!

On a serious note, I think it’s mad that our university comprises of so many varying cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and religious views.

That really goes to show how life is really like outside: to be in the same environment and ecosystem with people who live such different lives from us, but at the core of it all, still breathe and bleed the same way. And at the risk of sounding like a brochure for prospective students, by playing home to a student body (and academic faculty) comprising of both locals and internationals, Monash boasts a diverse learning environment in which your opinions may not always be shared; but one in which your perspectives will definitely be broadened.


Chris Oh Random Shit Around Campus-67.jpg
Miss Monash Malaysia?

E – Extra

Before we even start with how extra people can be in Monash, just try to think of a word beginning with the letter ‘E’ that symbolises Monash (and none of your basic E for Exciting! suggestions), and realise that all in all, EXTRA is perfect for Monash. From over-the-top outfits to conversations of ‘omg bruv/babe do you know how much I spent last night’ and exaggerating the extent of our broke-ness (‘eh walao this week really cannot liao wei shwit cha also cannot afford leh’); we live and operate in a dynamic environment where everyone is constantly trying to one-up the other, glorified stories being retold for the umpteenth time, each time more preposterous than the last.

[Terence] MBC Bazaar (28th April 2017) 11.jpg
I’m hungry now…
F – Food

Considering our food choices aren’t exactly  ARE DEFINITELY the best (@whoever is in charge), I understand that we probably could have found so many other words beginning with F for Monash. Trust me, the amount of times I’ve elected to go hungry and whine about it after instead of just eating in the cafeteria is testimony to that. That being said, nothing splits opinion quite like food, and that intensity is increased tenfold because we’re Malaysians, and it’s increased an extra tenfold because we’re entitled, privileged millennials, who must and will complain as we see fit. Hate it or love it, the food scene in Monash, which ranges from the choices of lunchbox, cafeteria and lepak place, to the seemingly never-ending stream of pizza on campus (why is it that pizza is the go to food of every single c&s meeting/event???); always gets the student body talking: ‘ee mee 10/10 forever’, ‘Huh lunchbox again ah don’t want leh please la’, ‘you going the talk ah got free dinner leh!!’. ALSO PETITION FOR THE FOOD TRUCKS TO BE A PERMANENT FIXTURE OF MONASH ANYBODY??


Article by: Saik Ming Tay

Photos by Chris Oh and Terence Kong


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