Q, R, S of Monash

[Terence] Random Monash 16

Q – Quality

I’m gonna be honest and say that the letter ‘Q’ was a tough one,  but eventually all that came to mind was quality. Quality seems like a cheesy word but it really does ring true in this respect. Monash provides a quality and all encompassing education with lecturers and educators all around being of such a high caliber. Besides, most people excluding the one terrible groupmate we all eventually meet, are pretty awesome too. So when you take into account the awesome people, lecturers and infrastructure, it kind of adds up to a quality university experience that I consider myself lucky to be apart of.



R – Rooftop garden

The rooftop garden in Building 7, has been in many Instagram posts, since it’s fairly recent introduction, especially during Spirit Week. This is with good reason seeing as it has a nice view of the skyline and good lighting. It is also a nice place to watch the sunset or even to lay on the artificial grass and stare at the clouds. The rooftop garden is not typically full which makes it a great place to hang out (or take a nap) during the day.
[Terence] Random Monash (W3) 29

S – Societies

Stress and sleep deprivation were definitely top contenders for the letter ‘S’ but a bigger component of university life here at Monash would have to be societies and clubs in general. Based on interests from sports, culture, to creative skills, the 58 clubs and societies present at the moment certainly play a big part in the day to day life on campus, even if you’re not part of a club. It’s hard not to be enticed by freebies and elaborate booth decorations scattered across the foyer, pleading for your attention as you hustle from class to class during C&S Week.


Article by Sharifah Azlinah

Photos by Terence Kong and Joseph Ma


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