2018 MUSA Annual Elections: The Last of the Debates

Editor’s Note: Polling for the student elections are happening throughout this week! Do refer to your student emails for polling details.

Plastic chairs beckoning students to sit, the winds welcoming the dawn of the debates about to happen.

On Tuesday, August 28th, the MUSA debates for School Representatives took place at the Concourse Area from 11AM-4.30PM. Contesting representatives from both parties (The Vox and The Spero in case you didn’t know) stepped upon the stage to highlight their manifestos and promises towards students’ welfare upon being elected.

Getting down to the manifestos:

School of Arts and Social Sciences

The Vox: Uzair Kidwai & Goh Lee Xing

  • Eliminate the intimidation of a hierarchy
  • More social events – sports night, talent shows
  • ‘Open-door policy’ – informal end-of-month student forums as a platform for students to encourage democracy

The Spero: Callen James Marsh & Sarah Jasmine Harme

  • Dress-up theme weeks to encourage individuality in students
  • Allocate a private space for SASS students


School of Business

The Vox: Emily Hu Yi Hui & Jim Koay Zhen Thyn

  • Publicise SSLC on frequently viewed places to increase number of student feedback
  • Social events such as forums to meet seniors; workshops for skills development; dress-up weeks and mingle nights
  • Reverse company trips where industrial experts visit the university to share their experiences


The Spero: Shim Ci En & Low Jingjing Christy

  • Improve SSLC traffic via face-to-face communication and online networks
  • Social nights – business board games night, dress up week, and Sustainability nights to increase awareness about the UNSDGs


School of Engineering

The Vox: Koh Kai Xin & Foo Jing Tung

  • Inter-school activities to encourage student interaction and connect juniors with seniors
  • Partner with the Center for Asia Leadership to improve students’ leadership skills
  • Online platform for students to share their experiences and inquiries


The Spero: Wail Gourich & Marian Yeow Chee Yen

  • Inter-school social nights
  • Increase engineering students’ participation in external events by connecting with the relevant parties
  • More frequent industrial engagements
  • Enhance SOE Resume bank
  • Peer mentor-mentee system to connect juniors with their seniors
  • Academia-related competitions to motivate students to pursue academic excellence
  • QR code post-event surveys to identify areas for improvement


School of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Vox: Sethu Paramasivam & Thisansa Warnakulasooriya

  • Mingle nights to bridge the gap between the School of Psychology and School of Medicine students
  • Conferences that include panels on topics that are related to both Psychology and Medicine
  • Lecture recordings
  • Extended opening hours and introduction of table fans for the Learning Suites


The Spero: Sarah Tan Xian Li & Ronald Branie Roland Sagah

  • Increased frequency of short and simple social events
  • Recruit sub-committees from the school of Psychology and inclusion of Psychology students in social events
  • Running Man to strengthen the bonds between the juniors and seniors


School of Science

The Vox: Foo Jin Khai & Yeoh Ying Shan

  • Lecture recordings
  • Increase number of Y2 & Y3 for PASS, and number of industrial trips
  • Social events – mingle night, team-building activities and trips, and educators’ appreciation day
  • Online platform for students to raise their opinions
  • Push for better timetabling for Science students


The Spero: Georgius Leonardo & Audrey Vania Rusli

  • Increase the number of student assistants
  • Farewell parties for the graduating students
  • Change the style of orientation – more course-specific games for freshmen


School of Pharmacy (uncontested)

The Vox: Poon Weng Hung & Lee See Mun

  • OSCE workshops
  • Health awareness campaigns
  • Increase the frequency of social inter-school events
  • Implement ‘BBQ nights’ as an informal sharing session between the School’s reps, lecturers and students


(For more detailed manifestos – head over to the election guide on the MUSA Monga’s Facebook page!)

Whilst some of the candidates were unable to provide confident answers during the Q&A, others gave solid solutions to the problems thrown at them. Fortunately, the day ended on a good note with over 30 students watching the debates and everyone chattering analytically about the contestants’ policies.

Good luck to all the contestants and to everyone else – each vote counts!


Article by Uthraa Iyer

Photos by Mahrukh Aziz 


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