SOB A-Fair

Milling about were students decorating their designated booths, strategically placing customised posters, hanging fairy lights and promotional photos. Mind you, on a Sunday afternoon, getting a head start for the next two days to come.

Day 1 of SOB A-fair was off to a great start, student vendors all prepped, beaming smiles as their peers took a tour of the bazaar pathway, eyeing the best deals and items that caught their fancy. A wide variety to appeal to all, with clothes, phone accessories, henna, flowers, on top of unique new businesses like sneaker cleaning services, customised canvas printing and calligraphy services.

From the field wafted tantalizing scents; upon closer inspection, the “guilty” parties were food vendors selling crowd favourites of brownies, swedish meatballs, chicken briyani, hand dripped coffee, Indomee and chinese desserts. Students rushed over to grab their lunch and snacks, joyfully munching on their day’s purchases, hands clutching other great deals snagged from the bazaar.

JustInCase was here “just in case” you ever drop your phone…

As music from the DJ corner boomed across campus, the rhythmical tapping of shoes and audible voices singing along became a constant throughout. Performances from Monash Chamber Orchestra and Monash Street Dance Society on Day 1 and Day 2 respectively brightened up the mood of passersby and customers alike,who stood to watch in awe, excitedly sneaking a quick picture and video here and there to capture the memory.

Bravado Attire – who would go on later to win best marketing strategy booth – announced their Push-up challenge! Last 3 participants standing would win a free fitness tee shirt each. Students clambered to participate and immediately began warming up, before dropping into push-up positions. On the count of 3, participants sunk into low dives, some struggling to push themselves back up, while others powered through with ease. Whistle and cheers rang through the foyer, and Bravado Attire founders Akash and Radi were taking turns shouting lines of encouragement. One by one people withdrew or were unable to continue, until the final 3 were left. They were met with thunderous applause, as they were handed their prizes, walking away feeling stronger (and perhaps hopeful they had impressed a certain someone).

NICK - A fair - wm-16
Battle of the fittest…

To top that off, we had a special treat for our wonderful customers. Every minimum purchase of RM5 meant one entry into the lucky draw, the winner receiving a RM200 One Utama OneCard gift voucher. Safe to say, many entrepreneurial passions were ignited, to be sustained for many years to come, also inspiring their fellow peers to follow suit. No doubt it was a grand affair indeed, our one and only SOB A-fair.   


Article by Soh Zu Peng and Tiong Li San

Photos by Nicholas Kho and Joseph Ma

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