How Monash Cup Came to Be, Mythologically.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Hehe.

Unspecified date, 2015.

“Go For Gold!” by Kyle Patrick (The Click Five’s vocalist, remember him?) was playing on the stereo as a furry paw reached for the volume dial. Mr. Cerberus turned the volume down as he approached his parking spot. After parking his car, he exited the car and set foot on the holy grounds that he was to meant to protect. With three of his heads protruding from his dark blue uniform, he settled down in his guard house in front of Monash Malaysia’s main entrance. As the clock struck 6, students of various species started to fill up the campus with their loud yawns, snickers and coffee-gulping noises. That day was a special day.

This year’s Monash Cup saw the entry of a 5th house, consisting of Monash staffs

“Good Morning, Mr. Cerberus!” greeted two students in unison, gleefully. One of them, Manticore, was a Persian exchange student who was still finding for his figurative and literal scorpion tail, while the latter, a beast named Leviathan, was wearing it’s “Annual Beasts’ Invitational 93 BC Swimming Team” shirt which showed off his signature blue hide. “Good Morning, Manticore and Leviathan!” replied Mr. Cerberus with the same enthusiasm in his crisp voice. Being a guard on campus was no easy task for Mr. Cerberus, as there were humans that disturbed their monstrous peace.

In a green hoodie and an oversized hat that matched his scales was the ever suave-looking Culebre. Passing through the guard house, Culebre tipped its hat in Mr. Cerberus’s direction as a form of greeting before the special event started. As students filled up the campus, the gates were soon closed by Mr. Cerberus. That however, did not stop a student with wings. Griffin, better known as Opinicus: The Best Frisbee Player among his friends lowered his position to give Mr. Cerberus a high-nineteen. “Good luck today on the Cup, Mr. Cerberus!” wished the confident Opinicus as he rushed to the main field soon after.

The calm before the storm…

“WELCOME TO THE FIRST MONASH CUP, MONASHIANS!” announced Mr. John Centaur, with his hooves standing confidently on the podium. “Please give a round of applause to these five individuals who have worked tirelessly to come up with this competition, as the sports festivals of our yesteryears have gone stale. I hereby introduce to you Mr. Cerberus, Manticore, Leviathan, Culebre and Opinicus, everyone!” In the crowd, roars and sounds of clapping paws were earsplitting. “Please, before we begin, no attacking or eating your opponents as we have professional beast-hunters on our speed dial! Most importantly, have fun and may the best team win!” reminded Mr. John Centaur as he blew his horn. “Let the Monash Cup begin!”

After three short years, the Monash Cup has become a roaring annual success. Leviathan house dominated the first year as its Strive to Thrive mentality made them the erste winners of the Monash Cup. In 2016, Manticore’s rise to prominence was unchallenged and unprecedented. Following their success, captain of Manticore house, Manticore (who had finally found his venomous tail) famously said:  Although we have the faces of humans, we still have a lion’s courage and torso. Most importantly, “Hear Us Roar!” as numerous roars went aloof through the Manticore-heavy crowd. The following year, the House of Culebre woke up from their athletic slumber as they emerged as victors of the Monash Cup in 2017. Culebre’s captain promised that the house would always go all the way, no matter who the opponent was or what the circumstances might be.


Unspecified date, 2018.

A familiar breeze flew past Mr. Cerberus, as he held a balloon to kickstart the 2018 edition of Monash Cup. Being the captain for Cerberus house who registers all Monash staff as their house members, Cerberus is determined to win it this year as he wants to prove that old legends don’t die that easily. That familiar breeze actually came from the flapping of Griffin’s strong wings. The House of Opinicus is equally determined to win this time around. When Griffin stopped and exchanged handshakes with Mr. Cerberus, he cheekily stated that the Opinicuses would be always above them. Manticore, Leviathan and Culebre were seen greeting their house members while also passing out helium balloons.

Once the balloons were let loose, Monash Cup 2018 officially began. “With all the provocation and teasing being said and done, it’s time for the houses to prove that they are the rightful owners of the prestigious cup. Let the kinship amongst them propel them to greater heights, whether it’s physically or mentally (mostly physically). All the best, athletes of Monash Cup 2018!” announced Mr. John Centaur.

Article by Matthew Chin

Photos by Ivan Liew


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