Passion to Paycheck by Monash Entrepreneur Club (MEC)

Attending “Passion To Paycheck” not solely as a guest, but also a member of the club hosting the event was definitely a rewarding occasion. The event flow was as follows: Firstly we had Frost the model, then we had Daniel Adams, a photographer. After that was a social media influencer, Zoey, followed by Prince, a model and fellow Monashian.

Frost spoke about the frustration she felt during her degree in Monash University. She was unhappy with where her career was heading because her heart was not driven towards it. There were moments she felt as if she was “talentless”,  and there was the consistent fear that she will never be able to escape that void. Later on, she sought the motivation to pursue the hobbies she enjoyed, such as dressing up, exercising and modeling. With time, it brought her recognition she deserved.

The Fantastic Five…

When Daniel took the stage, he talked about how his mother’s passing ignited emotions he was unable to express in words, so he took to the camera and expressed his grief through stories each photo would depict. He talked about how his art was ignored initially but, his resilience eventually landed him a breakthrough with magazines that published his work. Daniel encouraged noting down every idea we have, and consistently reading literature of everything we intend on doing.

Next, Zoey’s story was based on her obsession with gaining online popularity since an extremely young age. At 12 she was blogging, and as trends changed into Facebook and Twitter, her blogs withered away and she was advised to withdraw herself. This did not put her down, and as soon as she discovered Instagram. She got back into her essence, because she felt that it was the perfect platform. Instagram allowed her to be eventually be sponsored by some of the world’s most renowned brands such Nike and Dior.

Typical “Come on la, give me something free” look 😅

Then came Prince, who dominated the stage as if it was his comfort zone. Prince spoke about his background as a refugee, from having done manual labour as a child growing up, to the racism he has encountered.

Although he was in a position of disadvantage, he worked against those odds and rose above it all by not only being able to offer modeling services, but also dancing, performing, acting, and teaching math. These experiences helped him cultivate an ideal personality and gave him the recognition he’s currently still gaining from his career.

All in all, the four not only had admirable work, but also inspirational stories behind the hard work they had put in towards their journey to success. Initially, I was unsure what to expect from these four young students who transformed passion into job offers. Leaving the event, I was impressed by their respective skills and eloquence in their delivery. Each story was rich with emotions as they expressed a deep passion for their work. It was obvious that the trait they all had in common was how dedicated they are to their work.

Be passionate in everything you do

Attending Passion to Paycheck changed my train of thought and my approach to what I want to do with my life. The speakers made it easier by guiding us on how to pave the way. It is talks like these that strengthen one’s beliefs about how you can achieve what you want to, but not without the sacrifices you’re willing to make. These sessions taught us that success does not come in a plate: You’ll have to fail multiple times, only to pick yourself up and come back stronger. I would definitely encourage Monash Entrepreneur Club to hold more events like these and strongly welcome students to attend them. It also provides an opportunity to network with the speakers.

To end my piece, I will ask you what one of the speakers asked us, “What are you doing about your passion?”


Article by Anonymous MEC Member

Photos by Daniel Sim


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