Monash Cup Closing: A Culmination of Emotions

After months and months of detailed preparation, rigorous training and hard work, Monash Cup finally came to a close on the 21st of September. The night was not only an important one for every athlete who had practiced for weeks before Monash Cup, but it was also significant for every supporter who watched, cheered and was a part of the highs, the lows, the wins and the losses. It was exciting to watch Culebre become the champions of the 2018 Monash Cup for a second time in a row, heartbreaking to watch the other houses put in so much work, effort and come so close to winning. It was also inspiring to watch Cerberus, a house for the staff and admins to enthusiastically take part in the games for the very first time.

RYAN 20180922 mc closing wm 112.jpg
Congratulations to the house of Culebre for being the 1st to not only defend their title as champions, but also the 1st to win 2 Monash Cups in a row! 💚

Throughout Monash Cup, there were a series of games that were fought fairly and to the best of the athletes’ capacities. Other than the inspiring moments of watching athletes share moments of happiness, pride and vigor from winning, the manner in which loss was handled with such grace, dignity and sportsmanship was humbling to witness. It was an unforgettable two weeks that will hopefully be etched in memory for many months to come.

As a part of the committee that organized the event, I think it is safe to say that Monash Cup was always intended for the students and the athletes. The sportsmanship and teamwork that was demonstrated throughout the season was clearly visible in the final closing ceremony. Exactly how we hoped it would turn out, Monash Cup was a chance to make memories and take part in healthy and fair competition, a chance to participate in events that you may or may not have had prior experience in, a chance to showcase your talents and fight for your team.

RYAN 20180922 mc closing wm 119.jpg
The Monash Cup committee and helpers that made Monash Cup 2018 possible 💙

Of course, Monash Cup had its hiccups along the way (which made it more special). If you ever had the chance of walking into the C&S office during that period, you’d have seen the heaps and mountains of sports equipment, food, water and decorations for season. And if you happened to look behind all the mess, you’d have seen a very hard-working and highly-strung set of individuals who were constantly trying to find solutions to a new and unexpected set of problems every day.

Matches were delayed or postponed due to weather conditions, cases of broken equipment, and accidents were common along with last-minute changes to the rules made. The organizing committee were making emergency trips to pick up food and mopping up the courts after the rain. These were stressful experiences that resulted in arguments, debates and intense emotions that left us craving for food, a warm bed and a well-rested body. If I were to look back now, I’d say that some of these experiences were actually amusing, unique and they made us somewhat closer. I definitely don’t regret a single minute of it now.

The cheerleading champions for this year’s Monash Cup 💛

The closing ceremony was not only for the athletes and their supporters. It was also a night that reflected our sleepless nights, hours of debating and arguing about issues like point calculation, sports rules, backup venues and weeks of rushing around to make sure the details were right, from every song played to every stroke in the Monash Cup logo. This event represented the hard work of so many individuals, a joint effort that would not have been possible otherwise. It was a culmination of emotions: pride in the event that we had all organized ourselves, happiness in the fact that it had ended successfully and sadness that it was actually over. Without the usual surge of adrenaline that had been getting us through the days, it has now left us with an indescribable hole. This was an event that none of us will ever forget.


Article by Ananyaa Sreekumar

Photos by Ryan Wee and Ivan Liew


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