MCO Unlock: World of Wonders

“Music is like a dream. One that I cannot hear.” ―  Ludwig van Beethoven

Oh, the agony I would be in if I was a musical genius with a deteriorating sense of hearing and knowing that there’s nothing I can do about it. Even after losing his hearing entirely, Beethoven continued composing music, which went on to become some of his most admired works today. Now, while I’m almost certain that I’m tone deaf, I do enjoy the occasional pop or R&B, sometimes even the oldies. I’ve always related to music through the words of a song or its music video, not really through the melody itself, maybe because I’ve never played or learned any musical instruments.

They actually played it on that night! Ohhh maaiiiii gggassshhhh 😍

The Monash Chamber Orchestra (MCO) unlocked a World of Wonders for me last Friday night. MCO is a relatively new musical ensemble (est. 2016) in Monash and their concert successfully filled up the entirety of the Audi 1. It was a change of settings from the old outdoor, informal events held in Monash. The night started off with a short introductory video of the concert’s theme, ‘Unlock: World of Wonders’. It was a four minute clip of a girl waking up one morning to clues on her study table leading her to a locked door, which led her to another girl who handed her a violin set (which I’m guessing is a metaphor for unlocking the world of wonders).

School reps during the day, emcees during the night 😊

They had a few sets lined up for the night, including the classic Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, The Four Seasons: Summer and a few pieces from movies like “Alice in the Wonderland”, “Lord of The Rings”, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and many more. My personal favourite was the Forrest Gump Suite piece because it was played a little differently from movie. If you didn’t know, the Forrest Gump Suite is the combination of the song played in the beginning and the end titles of the movie. The movie used a piano version of the song, but MCO played a distinct flute version, which really brought out the sweet, gentle and almost sad adaptation of the piece. I absolutely loved it. It’s funny because that was the set that I was looking forward to the least compared to the rest, and it was surprisingly breathtaking.

Even our beloved President and Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Andrew Walker came to witness the spectacular performance. Clearly, he had a good night 💙

It’s weird trying to describe the concert to you because how do you even explain music in words? At first, all eyes on the conductor once he stepped in. Once the musicians started playing, you’d shift focus from one person to another. Then, they all eventually blend into one and you’ll feel like you’re in a movie scene, depending on the tone of the music. The synchronisation and perfect timing of the musicians really give you a sort of majestic feeling whilst listening to it. It is definitely something you have to go experience for yourself, even without traveling far as you can catch MCO the next time they’re playing. If you’re lucky enough, you might witness their performance on a campus event, or just sign up for their next concert. Tickets sell fast, so be fast or… be last.  


Article by Pei Dee

Photos by Ivan Liew


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