The Sun Voice 3 Auditions

Auditions for ‘The Sun Voice 3’, a Chinese singing competition was held on the 5th of September. This event was organized by Monash University Chinese Cultural Society (MUCCS) in collaboration with Sunway University’s Chinese Cultural Society. During this audition session, the 20 Monashians that took part were judged by Rebecca Chung Yen Yi (Xiamen University Music Club President), Lau Chun Tung (Xiamen University Music Club Event Planner) and Jesson Lim (an experienced singer).

The audition comprised of 2 rounds. During Round 1, contestants had to sing without instrumentals for a maximum of 2 minutes. As for Round 2, contestants were given an opportunity to sing freestyle to get more votes from the audience. Judges only gave score for the first round while the second-round performances were helped by the audiences where they had to vote for the best contestant. The judges’ scores which carried a weight of 70% were separated into Pitch – 20%, Tone – 10%, Articulation – 10%, Rhythm – 10%, Pronunciation – 10%, Timing – 10% , and the remaining 30% from audience votes.

One can tell that planning this event wasn’t easy

Lights, Camera, Sing!

As the contestants walked onto the stage, their nervousness could be seen through their eyes (probably the reason some of them wore caps, covering their faces). Although overwhelmed with nerves at the start, the enthusiastic cheers and ‘jiayou’s from the crowd helped rekindle the contestants’ confidence. Competition was fierce, so fierce that some of the contestants forgot their lyrics (thank god for mobile phones).  I was particularly amazed by a contestant who rapped to the song ‘Lost in Connection’, he had such great memory (only if I could have that memory to remember my notes).

Whether we resonate with rap, classical, techno, country or heavy metal, music is an incredible tool for expressing emotions and capturing our internal experience of life. As the contestants opened their mouths, with each word I could feel their passion and struggles (although I didn’t know the song). The contestants left the audiences’ captivated in a world of music, temporarily forgetting the struggles of university and mind-boggling tests. The audition wasn’t just about impressing but also to express.

Could you kindly help us translate the Chinese message? ☺️

At the end of both rounds, the audience’s ears were further blessed with a special performance from the judges present. Later, the names of the 6 vocalists who would be represent Monash University at the semi-finals were announced, whereby they will be competing against contestants from other universities.  A Huge round of applause for Lee Wei Ying, Lee Hong Seng, Low Kinson, Ng Jia Hui, Low Xian Qi and Zou Zi Wen, the rising stars of Monash.


Article by Divyah Thiagu

Photo by Derrick Ser


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