Tips on making you a more attractive player. (Monash Cup Edition)

I get it. It’s Monash Cup season, nothing is on your mind except winning. Winning to get that medal, to bring honor to your house, to finally showcase those skills you’ve been honing all this while. That’s how champions are made, how prodigies are born. Or are they? In the vein, here are four tips on how to be a more attractive player.

[1] Sportsmanship, Sportsmanship, Sportsmanship!

So, you and your team finally smashed through the first rounds against your opponent. The lads are all hyped out for the next match, and as you guys happily discuss about the game you just had while walking along the pathway, you awkwardly meet the opponent’s team midway. Does this sound familiar? Try to be the better man (or woman), go up and thank them for the match and give some encouragement! Not only would this clear up any awkwardness, the other team’s members would feel appreciated and definitely be looking forward towards facing you in the next match, but with new found respect!

True sportsmanship is knowing that you need your opponents because without them, there is no game 

[2] Think about personal hygiene

This goes out to the guys.

You killed it in that captain ball match. Everyone on the field was “shooketh” by your skill, the opponent is at the back thinking of ways to change your student ID number to convert you over to their team, and as you proudly walk off the field, there she is. The girl of your dreams, your all-time crush.

“How could I have missed you all my life? Those biceps…” she graciously asks.

As you put your arms around her and lean in for the jackpot…

Both of you take a whiff of the sweat residue from your armpit area, of the shirt you wore 3 DAYS IN A ROW. Shook-ewww?!

Deodorant, cologne, breath-spray. Use them! Showing up while bringing along with you funny odors is never a good impression. Be that player that’s well kept, nicely groomed, not to mention fresh! (af) Remember: the first step towards being a champion, is smelling like one.

[Marium] MC Day 6 Badminton WM-70.jpg
The smell of victory?

[3] Positivity is key

Some sport categories might put your team at a rather disadvantage due to team placement. Sometimes, the opponents are just too “over-powered” that they block out any glimpses of hope for your team from ever winning. I say, have faith! Stop complaining, start encouraging! There’s no point now in blaming your teammates, your cat or the world around you. Lift your fellow team mates up and keep their spirits high. Winning is never more important than overcoming the challenge itself. When King Leonidas led his 300 spartans to their final battle against the Persians, history forever remembered their bravery, not the Persian victory (see my point?). Be the positive solution, your team will thank you for it.

RYAN 20180922 mc closing wm 71
The Monashians are pure legends and legends never die



[4] Don’t forget to self-improve

You lost a couple matches, so what? It is not the end of the world. Do not forget you are an ever-evolving piece of art. It would totally suck if you gave up after incurring one minor defeat, wouldn’t it? Your opponent checkmated you in three  moves? Practice. You got second in track and field because your opponent was literally The Flash? Practice. You failed to execute the perfect routine during your dance performance? Practice! There really is no other answer. Even if you brought home the champion medal this year, do not underestimate your fellow Monashians, practice! Usain Bolt never stopped at one Guinness World Record, he continued bolting some more (pun intended).

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…

See you all next season!


Article by Charles

Photos by Ivan Liew, Marium Imran, Fatyn Afiqah and Ryan Wee


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