8th MSC Meeting, In a Flash

Shortest MSC ever in the history of we don’t know when exactly. 20 minutes! Then we are rewarded with decent food from the cafeteria. MSC#8, here we go!

The turnout rate was at its lowest this time around, with many council members absent due to the events happening around campus. However, their absence was replaced by representatives from MUSA 2019 to bear witness to the annual elections’ official report by the Returning Officer.

SOE Reps began the MSC by reporting about their T-shirt design competition. There were 11 submissions, and 175 out of nearly 600 engineers-to-be voted for the winning design. The t-shirts are being sold for only RM15 which includes ladies’ cut. Talk about a steal! SOE had another collaboration, this time with SOS, to go to Skytrex in Week 5. ‘And it went just like that,’ Rep Crystal gestured to the screen displaying a group photo taken.

[Terence] 8th MSC Meeting 2
Can we get school T-shirts as well?
President Thush gave updates regarding the upcoming MUSA 2018 Forum. The format was explained in the previous MSC (check out our MSC #7 recap), and the event will take place on Thursday Week 9, 11am to 1pm. (Editor’s Note: The event has been scrapped.) He also confirmed that students will only need to exchange their student IDs for umbrella rentals, rather than a penalty given or a rental deposit asked. Umbrellas will be tagged to ease the recording process. If you are renting during the exam period, and you have a paper to sit for before being able to return the umbrella, fret not! Just bring your IC along or other identification documents to the exam venue for verification.

[Terence] 8th MSC Meeting 3
“You see the thing is…”
The Gen Sec’s report was given by the MUSA 2019 Annual Elections Returning Officer Lim Ying Sing. Sixty-six candidates contested in this year’s elections with 32% of the total student population coming out to vote for their student representatives. The numbers increased from last year, especially for the 4% rise in voter turnout. (With the amount of noise raised throughout the years, it’s a wonder that not more Monashians would care about voting the right people into office…)

[Terence] 8th MSC Meeting 4
Thanks Ying Sing for your time and efforts for managing the elections!
SOB informed of another successful event, SOB A-fair Bazaar which collaborated with AIESEC’s Global Village to bring about another round of good food choices and an opportunity for 23 student vendors to try out their entrepreneurial skills. The School Reps also had a meeting with the SOB Head of School Professor John Benson to discuss issues such as the follow-up response rate to complaints, issues with the CMO, and bringing back SOB Summer School.

[Terence] 8th MSC Meeting 5
SOB summer school is coming back to town, yo!
SOP Rep Raymond reported on the MASS CPR Training collaborative initiative with SOMHS, which gathered almost 600 students and staff to their two-day event in learning CPR and first aid skills. The event was a huge success as many of the activities carried out were well-received and the objective to raise awareness amongst Monashians of the importance of learning life-saving skills was achieved above and beyond.

[Terence] 8th MSC Meeting 7
You can always trust your SOP Rep to save your live anytime 😉
Lastly, SOS ended the MSC 15 minutes into the entire affair informing of their Sports Mixer Night with SASS, outcomes of the SSLC meeting with their Head of School and board of academic staff, and their adventure at Skytrex with SOE. Science students were encouraged to provide more context (brief examples) to their feedback forms in order to raise enough awareness for actions to be taken. Regarding the Skytrex trip, 34 out of 42 students showed up and had a good inter-school bonding session through the extreme challenges played.

[Terence] 8th MSC Meeting 8
All was good ☺️
At the end of the MSC, MUSA 2019’s President-elect Kajen thanked MUSA 2018 for their ‘support’ throughout the election period, and proceeded to give out chocolates.


Article by Elizabeth Gerard

Photos by Terence Kong


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