Humans of Monash #2 : Gavyn

Written by: Kieran Nair

Photographed by: Ivan Liew

Featuring: Gavyn

What prompted me to kick-start my entrepreneurship journey was when I couldn’t believe I’d just spent 200 bucks on a Champion sweater I had bought from an online shop, knowing that if I had done more research to look into the market, I could get it at a price that is a lot lesser than what I paid for. I always believed in low prices so everyone can have a taste of streetwear, a chance to ‘Join The Hype’.

A close acquaintance of mine back then told me that I would fail in the market, because I’m not good enough [he air quotes] to be in the scene, directly referring to my family’s financial status. I would’ve been jumping into the industry quite late at age 18. I took this as a challenge and after a year of hardships, my team and partners all work very closely together and right now, I believe we are well set on our way to becoming one of the bigger streetwear resellers in the future.

It wasn’t easy because it took a lot of time and effort; I’m close to doubling the time I spend on my business and halving the time spent on my studies. It just goes to show the sacrifices I’ve had to make just to get to where I am now, and how much more ahead I see myself going. I also have to run operations from Australia while on exchange soon, it’s a pain to have to see it grow while I’m not the main face of the operation, but I know I’m leaving it in good hands.

When someone tells you that you can’t do it, they’re wrong. Only you can tell yourself what you can or can’t do. Only your own intuition and hard work can define how you’re going to end up. You don’t know how good you are until you actually try. Hard work will always pay off.

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