Humans of Monash: Nurul

“She’s into superstitions, black cats and voodoo dolls”

She’s always had these two sides to her. Upon initial impression, one would perceive her as rather dreamy, a little ditzy, spontaneous, bright-eyed and bubbly. Essentially, what one would deem, the ever so controversial Manic Pixie Dream Girl. She would just randomly whip out her deck of tarot cards and tell someone she had just met all about their wondrous love-life, making intense eye contact, staring deep into their soul, trying to create a sense of affinity between them.

Nurul liked leaving a magical impact sometimes but most times this then leads to people never seeing past this side of her. If one were to genuinely get to know Nurul, they’d realise that her wants, needs, motivations, and desires aren’t just surface level. She manifests independent goals for herself but is constantly misunderstood for just having quirky idiosyncrasies and for always being high on life.

Don’t get me wrong, these traits make Nurul memorable, exceptional even, but her vivacious personality is only a fraction of a much more robust narrative. As elementary as this may sound, there’s more to her than meets the eye. She’s beyond your fevered imagination of her as a pop-culture cliché. The Nurul I know is indeed full of life but in the sense that she makes you feel at ease. She opens herself up to you so that you don’t feel the need to conceal your eccentricity. Her vulnerability allows the circle she’s in to enjoy embracing a fantasy that isn’t merely just a concoction of one’s imagination. Her way of doing away with conventions revitalises a way of life that lets you live freely.

It’s hard to see Nurul as someone constantly being misunderstood for lacking depth and complexity. Once you get past the initial impression, you come to realise that she pays attention to every word you say. She’ll sense your discomfort and immediately make you feel at ease, whether it’s through words or her comforting mannerisms. Nurul’s eclectic style and her inexplicable antics aren’t weaknesses but instead, make her so immensely captivating if you’re one to see beyond the whimsical trope. She teaches you that being vulnerable isn’t a weakness but instead opens you up to a contemporary culture of saying exactly what’s on your mind and embracing instinctiveness.

Featuring Nurul Abdul Aziz @tea4am

Written by Shabnam Sidhu

Photos by Sean

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