MUSA Did What (3): #TGIMS (Thank God It’s Mid-Sem Break)

The headline probably says it all doesn’t it? Mentally, this Head Writer confesses that she is somewhere in Week 3 (along with all of my lectures woops) so thank God for sem break, which won’t be much of a sem break for me let’s be fair. 

However, for those of you who are planning to travel and mostly chill during this much needed one week break, let us here at MONGA pass you some piping hot tea to kick off your sem break with a bang! 💥

A resignation ALREADY?

It’s been about 2 months since the first semester of the year started and we have already received our very first major resignation from MUSA… or more specifically, MUISS. MUISS General Secretary received a letter from Aryan in regards to the official resignation of his position as MUISS ISO Welfare Officer with no formal leave. He cited that he was resigning for personal reasons… but after much digging, poking and prodding, it has been uncovered that there could be a possible other reason as to his resignation 🥶

According to the MUISS heads, two warning letters were issued internally by MUISS due to his poor performance, a lack of responsibility as well as a failing to carry out many tasks which were previously promised to the students. 

As an impartial third party, I shall leave it up to the student body to make their own decisions but of course one cannot pass judgement without first going through some evidence, therefore, extracted from our business reports and showcased below are the warning letters issued by MUISS as well as the former Welfare Officer’s resignation letter. 

Warning letter issued by MUISS Secretary, Sherren Zhou

Warning letter issued by MUISS Secretary, Sherren Zhou

Warning letter issued by MUISS Secretary, Sherren Zhou

Aryan’s resignation letter

Fret not international students because the MUISS Heads have already interviewed, done a thorough background check, vetted, appointed and of yesterday MUSA has also unanimously voted in your brand new MUISS Welfare Officer! So do kindly welcome Zainab Ilyas, a year 2 semester 2 psychology student, to the fold and she has stated that she is eager to help contribute to the international student community. 

Time for a restructure! 

The Constitution of MUSA as well as the hierarchical structure of our student community can often be difficult to wrap our heads around for students… hell sometimes it takes me a minute to remember which department is part of which committee, who has how many votes and so forth.  

Therefore, the Constitution Working Committee has met, discussed and endorsed the new Musa (2023) Blueprint which will officially take effect for next year’s Office Bearers after being voted in by all departments with the exception of the School of Information Technology that chose to abstain. 

Unfortunately this will result in some constitutional amendments and reviews, those of which will be approved by MSC prior to the new structural implementation. But here’s a small preview to the blueprint for any students who may have any interest in joining MUSA as an Office Bearer next year! 

General Secretary POPPED OFF (respectfully, of course) 

The most recent by-elections led to the appointment of Shaun Mathias and Nathalia Samuel Pangestu, an election notable for its lack of participation and suffocating interpretation of the nomination regulation policies. 

This led to the General Secretary’s department publicly voicing out their dissatisfaction with the Honorary Affairs Committee (HAC), with the exception of one, for their lack of involvement and assistance in the matter. He proceeded to remind other office bearers and the HAC that the commencement of operations should not feel as if our every move is being watched, hesitance confining us at every turn.

He ended on a light note, saying that holding a position in MUSA is one that should be taken seriously, it still should not feel like a full time job, instead, it should be a place where students can showcase their talents and contribution to the student body to the best of their ability. 

What to expect after your Mid-Sem Break! 

Due to budgeting issues, the Welfare department will have to delay their usual mid-sem care packages and academic subsidies. Both of these will in turn be released after the mid sem break with the registration to take place during the semester break so, if you are in need of a little pick me up or some financial assistance after a stressful 7 weeks of non-stop studying, don’t forget to sign up through their form at @musa.cares!

Calling all SASS students! 

The School of Arts and Social Sciences will be hosting an event called “Chillax with SASS ”, an on-campus social event that acts as a mingling session for students to wind down, make friends, play games and essentially take a break from assignments. So, dear extroverted SASS students, it’s time to drag your introverted friends that you have adopted and force them (gently) to socialise with the rest of the world!

MSC #3 in Summary 

  • The slight drama of resignations 🥶
  • Restructuring = a lot of work to amend the Constitution, future MUSA OBs please acknowledge our hard work :( 
  • A reminder to take care of yourself from our Gen Sec! Thank you Brandon! ❤️
  • Post-Sem Break Goodies up for grabs! ✨
  • SASS students stop writing your essays, filming your videos and take a breather 🌱

We hope that everyone has a great mid-sem break and we’d like to remind everyone that if you are travelling to stay safe and that we are all in this together so let’s just power through the rest of the semester to reach the much more relaxing and longer post-exam euphoria! 

Article by Ashley Lim; Header by Chai Ting

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