LGBTQ+ Corner: Metamorphosis (Open for submissions!)

In accordance with Pride Month, MONGA would like to introduce our new and permanent LGBTQ Corner, a thematic submission-based writing and media project that will be conducted from now til the end of this year, that aims to ensure that we celebrate our peers in the community not just for a month, but to ensure our continuing support until love eventually prevails and we are all able to be whoever we want to be in our fullest and best capacity. To kick off our first LGBTQ Corner, our theme for the corner this semester is: Metamorphosis. Many ancient myths often have an element of metamorphosis in it, often described as the transformation or transition into something that is new, beautiful and unexpected. Even natural substances may also undergo metamorphosis: the unrelenting heat and pressure over thousands of years may eventually turn tiny organisms into petroleum, and coal into diamonds. And the most beloved of natural metamorphoses is probably the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies. 

Like most things in the natural world, the process of slowly realizing and accepting your sexuality is a long and difficult journey, but one that will undoubtedly end with you emerging from your chrysalis stronger and more resilient than before. MONGA invites you, this Pride Month, to celebrate and acknowledge your story, serving as a reminder of your personal identity, wherever you fall on the spectrum. Whether inspired by a celebrity, a close friend or even a passerby, tell us your story (anonymously if you feel more comfortable) of how you started becoming who you were truly meant to be all along and of feeling completely and 100% comfortable in your own skin. 

Write-up by Ashley

Design by Januli

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