MUSA Did What: It’s The Final. . . Countdown Brain cells (MSC #7)

I hope somebody gets that meme reference because I’m having a brain rot after being buried underneath a pile of assignments. Monash kept going hard at us until this mid-sem break finally appears, albeit at the very last moment of the semester because apparently, there are three weeks left until the ETERNAL SEMESTER BREAK COMMENCES! Finally.

Anywho it’s not Ashley this time around and so, here I am, Elly, temporarily taking on her mantle until this year’s election outcome is out and we’ll be seeing the new editor soon ;)

Starting off with the regular news – I promise I’ll get to the best news after this so stick around!

Monash 101 Flagship – A Fruitful Tri-Part Event

Introduced this year, the new Monash 101 Flagship event was divided into three phases– Part 1, 2 & 3– and took place in the early semester. On 29th July, Part 1 took place in Auditorium 1 and began with the “Starter Pack to Thrive at Monash”, guiding more than 300 freshies for their uni life. Part 2 of the event took place on the 5th of August in Room 6606, with 30 participants enlightening themselves for the “Self Development Workshop.” For the finale, 40 students participated in the “Freshies Fun” event that took place on the entire campus on the 12th of August. Overall, a very successful event!

Student Initiative Hub – The Middle ‘Link’ for Student-activities

Successfully launched on the 6th of September, this hub was created for a group of Monash students who are interested in organizing or extending an activity that directly involves the general student population of Monash University Malaysia. You might want to take note of this juuust in case you have a plan in the future.

Sign Language Workshop – A Valuable Skill for All

This workshop was a collaboration with the SOS Department and was successfully carried out on the 3rd of September. 20 participants were transported from the Monash campus to RC Dead Missions for a workshop on sign language. Hope they make this a yearly workshop because it is a valuable skill for everyone to learn!

Monash Merchandise 2022 – Have You Ordered, by the way?

The Monash Merchandise was launched for pre-orders on the 15th of September, with 4 Monash Merchandise released this year; 3 (new) t-shirt designs and 1 varsity jacket. It is SO tempting, but I implore you to order them if you haven’t ;)

MUSA 2022 Annual Election

Held every year in Semester 2, the annual election is back to elect the next term’s student representatives that will serve in MUSA 2023. Here is a quick rundown of the election process:

  • Ticket Registration – opened on the 29th of August and closed on the 4th of September
  • Candidate Debates – from 26th of September through 29th of September (Week 9 / Mid-sem Break period).
  • Voting Period – from the 3rd of October until the 10th of October.

For a full rundown, check out MUSA’s official IG page, and stay tuned for more updates on the election process & outcome!

As promised, here are the BEST news – starting with:

Champs All The Way: Culebre Officially Dethroned Opinicus’s Title As Overall Champion for Monash Cup 2022

A big congratulations to Culebre for winning this year’s House Cup! And for other Houses, remember that you gave your all and who knows, maybe your House will be crowned as the new champion next year!

The closing ceremony ended with a BANG– from dance finals & cheerleaders (they all slayed) to student performances and Monash Music Club, to even a band performance by Taylor University’s students– and oh! Did we mention the bazaar collaboration with Monash Business Club (MBC)? The campus scene was BUSTLING! 

With Monash Cup 2022 in full swing and no longer online, it was refreshing to see everyone had a great time with this highly anticipated (yearly) event– whether you are cheering for your favorite team, your house, or if you are one of the event organizers. Assignments aside, Monash Cup definitely provided some degree of a breather for some of us.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Week – Fabulous & Educational

The Activities Department had the opportunity to host 3 booths themed ‘Respect, Now, and Always’, as they raised awareness and understanding of the significance of respecting people. Of the 3 booths, there were Rosy Words, DIY Beads Station, and Photo Booth by Photoversal Studio. There was significant participation as the students made bee-lines across these booths! 

Then there were various workshops and engaging activities spanned across four days in conjunction with Inclusivity Week, the first-ever collaborative event by students and staff that celebrated diversity of all kinds. Of course, the closing ceremony ended STUNNINGLY with drag performances from local drag queens, a dance showcase, student performances, and all-around just positive vibes.

Top Chef Monash – Mid-Sem Break’s Treat

As we finally relax a bit before the storm hits us again *cough* week 10 onwards *cough* hell period, Top Chef Monash made a return as this mid-sem break’s treat. From the 26th of September to the 29th of September, students can choose to compete in 4 categories with 2 ingredient-specific challenges; eggs for appetizers, meat and vegetarian options for main courses, and chocolate for dessert. 

For safety reasons, this competition is held online and will only be judged based on Presentation. All the best, chefs!

Monash Ball – Save The Date!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for – Monash Ball will finally take place on the 20th of November! Now’s the time for all Euphoria fans as the theme for this year’s ball is IRIDESCENT so go on and pick your best outfits, show up with your best makeup look, and decked out in sparkles because it WILL be a glamorous event for us all. 

While there were a TON of events this semester that didn’t appear in this #7th edition, here are the highlights for MSC #7 for the hustlers on-the-go because we don’t want to burn you out too much on the deets:

  • Culebre Winning All The Way for this year’s House Cup.
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Week was a success!
  • MUSA Annual Election.

Well, that’s all from me! Signing off until next time – the next editor will come in soon ;)

Written by Elly Zulaikha

Cover design by Chai Ting

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