MUSA DID WHAT #8: The First (and Last) Physical One

Audi 2 is surprisingly full of students for the last Friday of SWOTVAC week, with students in black and white milling about, settling down in their seats for MSC 8, the first (and most likely) last one to be held physically for the year 2022. It is clear that everyone is antsy and tired from the stress of finals and last-minute assignments, but we are rejuvenated nonetheless, as all of us finally get to meet the entirety of MUSA for the first time in a formal physical setting đź‘€


After some audio feedback and technical difficulties, Brandon, MUSA 2022’s General Secretary finally takes the podium, welcoming the office bearers of 2022 as well as their successors who were highly encouraged to drop by MSC to figure out exactly what they have signed themselves up for. After attendance and congratulations were passed on to the 2023 elected candidates, we immediately dived into the appointment of the Interim MUISS Country Representative Officers (CROs) and MUISS Media, whose positions were left lacking as they were uncontested in the recent elections. All the candidates were proposed by Rashwan Ali, the current MUISS Head as well as MUSA’s 2023 President. 

For the CRO candidates, Sudipta Debi and Dominic Gerald stepped up to bat and provided a short but impactful presentation of themselves and their suitability for the position. They were then asked to leave the room for the rest of the office bearers to vote.. With 12 fors and 1 abstain, the candidates were invited back in and congratulated on their successful appointment. Unfortunately, the MUISS Media candidates, Iwyn Joseph and Sandar Maung did not fare as well as they were heavily questioned by members of the Media Affairs Committee (MAC) regarding their responsibilities and plans for their term as interim. With a majority voting against the candidates, unfortunately the motion was not passed and they were not appointed for the position. 

For students who would like to see the candidates’ presentations do click these links! 


Our long awaited Monash Merchandise has finally arrived, with an overwhelming response of 310 smiley T-shirts, 203 Black and 75 white T Shirts were along with 484 varsity jackets. Merchandise collection took place during specific time slots arranged by the Vice President’s department. Unfortunately, for those who could not make it to their chosen time slots, they will only be able to collect them when the next semester commences. The same goes for the ever-popular varsity jackets which have been significantly pushed back due to delays within the finance process. Therefore, to accommodate for this, the Vice President’s department has announced that all students will be given the following options: 

  • Delivery 
  • Collection at the end of exams 
  • Collection by next semester 
  • Refund to buyers 

The feedback received will be processed in mid-November. 


For those who follow @musa.officialpage (and if you haven’t then WHAT ARE YOU DOING??), will be aware by now that Monash Ball tickets are currently on sale. And a little birdie from the activities department has told me that more than HALF of the tickets have already been snatched up (GASP). So, while we understand that the timing might be slightly unfortunate (IF YOU ARE OF THE AGE PLEASE REMEMBER TO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS AND VOTE GUYS!), we do hope that the student body will still remember to let their hair down for this occasion, especially for those who may be experiencing their first and last Monash Ball. 

For more information about Monash Ball, do take a look at the Instagram post below! 


As one last hurrah before the end of our term, MONGA and the Publicity department have come up with “MyCampus Visual Diary” and “A Sneak Peak Into MyCampus Life”, a photo and video based competition respectively for students to make use of their photography & videography skills in any form to express their creativity and inspiration based on the theme: “Campus Memories.” These two contests, however, will not be Monash exclusive, it will also be open to students from other universities, allowing us to gain several fresh and different perspectives of university life on other campuses. Details of the competition will be announced soon on @musa.officialpage and we expect to see some fierce competition and school pride! 


  • Time to get ready for MUSA 2023!! 
  • We swear Monash merch is coming guys, please be patient with us :( 
  • Monashians, let’s prove that we’re the best uni (wink wink) 

And much like the incredibly rushed ending of MSC #8, I would like to bid all my readers farewell for now as I try to wrap my brain around marginal cost, competitive markets and price ceilings (WHY ECW2731 WHY?!). For those with upcoming exams, good luck! And for those who don’t have exams because their units are 100% internal (yes, I’m looking at you SASS students) I truly do envy you :( And finally, for those who will be travelling back to their hometowns to vote, safe travels and remember to mask up! 

Article by Ashley Lim

Header design by Chai Ting

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