Have you not fed? Then go to Brew & Bread.

The air is stuffy. The weather is gloomy, and you feel hungry. The blue sky is marbled with gray clouds. It will rain. Your battery is running low. You realize only a warm meal can kick you out of boredom and revitalize your soul. That is when Brew & Bread will come to rescue you.

Brew & Bread is like a factory where all sorts of exciting experiments are underway. Located in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, the restaurant catches your eye with its black walls emanating materialistic beauty. The outlook of the building is precisely what the young generation fancies, the combination of fashionable matte black walls and reddish wooden blocks with their logo on, making you feel as if you have come to the right place. Shamelessly flaunting its youthful energy, the flourishing vegetation that glistens with raindrops at the entrance gravitates hungry customers to step inside. 

The exposed walls emphasize the breezy vibe of the restaurant. The café area at the entrance is surrounded by showcases filled with desserts. A colorful range of brewed coffee tea bags decorate one side like abstract paintings. The tea bags are assorted, with fourteen types of beans. The slick lapis neon sign welcomes you to the inner dining area. Seats are plenty, easily capable of accommodating large groups. There is also a secluded area where you can enjoy the natural light while eating on wooden stools with the romantic warmth of antiques. The tables are big enough to cover four people and their belongings, close enough with each other for a sense of intimacy and friendship while the background music creates a chamber for each table to talk freely. The soft alternative pop flows over the heads. The lights for each table produce an illusory effect that highlights the food and the people at your table, blurring out the table next to yours. 

The menu offers a wide variety of dishes that span from Asian to Western and European, followed by South American. The brunch menu that serves from 9 am to 6 pm is full of wild combinations that will charge your battery instantaneously. A competitive selection of pasta such as Aglio Olio Soft Shell Crab Fettuccine (RM29) or Calamari Salted Egg Yolk (RM27) is there to fill your hungry stomach. If you feel adventurous, options like Mexican Fish Cake (RM21) or Chicken Roulade (RM19) are waiting for you. Cultural fusion is celebrated in Mala Whole Leg Chicken (RM27), Dark Miso Korean Fried Chicken Rice Bowl (RM23), Spicy Nyonya Prawn Rice (RM28). There are also vegetarian options, such as Avo Mango Potato Bowl (RM24), and Summer Salad (RM25).

As an appetizer, we start our journey with Avo Mango Shrimp with Flaky Crust. The bright yellow of mango and the fresh green of avocado slices go in harmony and remind you of the rising sun in the dewy meadow, emanating a vital energy of the morning air. The clever combination of vivid palettes first satisfies your eyes. The sweetness of the puff pastry goes well with ripe fruits. Roasted, seasoned, and juicy prawns balance out the nutritional equilibrium with a sunny-side-up egg. They are not the only ones who keep the dish in balance. The explosive freshness of slices of tomatoes and red onion chips never keeps your body from feeling drowsy again. And what is more, a finalizing kick from jalapenos. You can boost your day with this unique dish for RM33.

Snow Black caught our eye among the exclusive coffee menus. This coffee with a catchy name gives a deep, soft maroon gradation as the foam on the top slowly mixes with the coffee underneath. The foam tastes light with a hint of saltiness and mixes with the bittersweet coffee to create a new sensation. Softness of a latte and the powerful kick of an espresso layers up into a perfect cup of surprises at RM15.

For the main dish, we chose the Truffle Carbonara with Bacon Brisket. Even before the food gets served, the aroma of truffle oil greets you first. The spiciness of roughly grounded whole pepper emphasizes the dominating truffle aroma. You can taste the punchy taste of truffle best when it is hot. Getting surprised by the perfect texture of the pasta, baby spinach gives fresh relief that complements the rich taste. The soft poached egg yolk on top further accentuates the earthiness. Every ingredient in this dish shows its talents, distinctively appealing to every taste bud. The final touch is croutons generously sprinkled over the top. Roasted to delightful crispiness, these croutons make every bite feel special with their cheesy, buttery texture. The captivating lunch is offered for RM26.

Now we need refreshment, somewhere we can rest on our journey. Pineapple + Lemon + Sour Plum + Sparkling water was our choice. With amazingly abundant flavors, this drink hides a zesty surprise. With every virtue of tropical fruits, which are sweet and pungent with a strong kick like pina colada, a single sip is enough to extinguish your thirst. A citrusy marriage of three fruits starts with the ripe pineapple’s cheerful entrance. Next is the lemon’s light bloom, like skipping; the unique taste of sour plum that glamorously unifies the two flavors just pumps your mood up. A glimpse of an electric party in a cup is served for RM14. We also had to try the basics. The most common drinks may still hide amazing potential. Ice Peach Tea is definitely what you expect, but better. It is like watching the world wearing glasses for the first time. The taste that you already know of iced fruit tea tarnishes when you take the first sip of this one. The pungent aroma of peach bursts with natural freshness, followed by the pleasant acidic finish, which relieves the taste buds from the potential heaviness of the other courses. With the poise sweetness of cold-brewed fruit tea, the calming taste leaves you ready to have another round, all of it for just RM9.  

Our last menu was the Cajun Lentil Stew. If you are vegan or looking for a light but invigorating meal, the Cajun Lentil Stew is just right for you. The juicy red tomato stew that overflows your mouth with sweet freshness will comfort your fatigued, hungry body. With two pieces of toasted bread, the stew has a consistency that is just right for dipping or just eating as is with a spoon. An enlightening kick of various herbs and cumin spices builds up a delicate construction of deliciousness. The sophisticated fieriness beneath the earthy tomato base is just right, making you smile from the first bite, whether you favor spicy food or not. Inside the stew, there are well-cooked lentils and corn. The nuttiness from charred button mushrooms and baby spinach complements the tartness of tomato. As a cherry on top, cubed cucumber gives a texture and aromatic freshness. A dish that your soul craves for RM18. 

Matcha Strudel was our finale, a celebration for us having finished the journey successfully. The translucent pink of the strawberries that shone even more with syrup contrasted with the glistening matcha cream. The thick matcha cream has the rich softness of white chocolate and the unexpected tanginess of cream cheese. The sourness of the cream amplifies the sweetness of the strawberries. The raspberry jam in the middle is vocal, providing a sensitive variation of citric sweetness that highlights the harmony of the strawberry, matcha cream, and pastries. Like a perfect slate of ice, the sound, when breaking the layers of the pastry, is chilling in the best way possible. Deep fried but without oiliness, it creates a contrasting texture when mixed with jam and cream. A plateful of exceptional finish is available at RM15.

Written by Juyeoung

Photos by Bong & Raya

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