A Letter to My Future Self

To My Future Self,

When you read this, I will be gone. The passing of time, however, will have etched me into your skin.

You will carry my youth with every step you take, and I will be both erased and immortalised. 

Fear not, you may come back anytime to revisit your past self. In this time capsule, I leave you with some thoughts, so you do not lose too much of yourself as you travel through life.

  1. This is a fast world, so you will have to run. Slow down sometimes so you may admire the colours of the sky or trace the wrinkles around your mother’s eyes.
  1. Carry love within you for every form of life. Friend or foe, we are but dust talking to dust, so let humility and kindness flow in your veins.
  1. There is beauty in being decisive, but not uncompromising. Learn yourself or lose yourself to the whims of life.
  1. Travel light. Do not carry excess baggage, you always want to be comfortable for the journey.
  1. Consume your emotions, but do not let them consume you.
  1. Ancora Imparo.
  1. The hourglass of life will not be flipped, so learn to love every minute before it leaves.

I leave you this short message, in the hope that I will still be important to you then.

With love,

Rae M.


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