7 School Minival

All seven schools of Monash University Monash united as one on the 28th of April to bring together one of the biggest collaborations in MUSA: The 7 school Minival! In spite of the light drizzling of rain over the foyer and porch area, students’ spirits were certainly not dampened as they enthusiastically participated in the various activities prepared, including a photo booth, playing with bubbles and even a mechanical bull ride! (side note: don’t ride that thing after you’ve eaten unless you have a REALLY strong stomach). Speaking of stomachs, there were also several food vendors set up serving up piping hot food that was also vegetarian and vegan inclusive. 

The schools certainly tried their best to outdo one another, with each of them offering a unique carnival game that was centered around their individual school as well as fundraising booths.

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School of Arts and Social Sciences: Corn Hole carnival booth with duck plushies as their price and a henna fundraising booth 

School of Business: Bubble booth with a fundraising booth that offered floats, ice-cream and canned soft drinks 

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School of Engineering: Non-alcoholic beer-pong, with free marshmallow fondue for their prize and a s’mores fundraising booth 

School of Information Technology: Physical endless run game with pins for their prizes and fundraising booth 

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School of Medical Health Science: Balloon Darts with chocolate covered fruits as their prizes and fundraising initiative 

School of Pharmacy: Beer pong with free drinks as their prizes and finger foods as well as virgin mojitos for their fundraising booth (damn Pharmacy students are really going all out this year huh)

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School of Science: A game which involved spinning around and attempting to throw pens accurately into a bottle, with bear plushies as a prize and nachos for their fundraising initiative 

Irfan Afandi spoke in behalf of the seven school representatives, saying: 

“Our goal is to create a fun and inclusive environment where everyone can come together to

celebrate and enjoy themselves.”

Other than the carnival booths set up by the respective schools, Monash Street Dance Society livened up the crowd with four performances featuring Ghostboy by Robotaki, Havana Remix by Camilla Cabello, Shooting Stars by XG and Have Mercy by Chloe. Not to be outdone, the Monash Dance Fusion Club also dazzled students with their performances to dancin (KRONO REMIX) by aaron smith as well as blinding lights by The Weekend. 

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The 7 school minival culminated in a watermelon eating competition, with students registering themselves in pairs in order to compete in the event. Huge slices of juicy watermelon were placed in front of the contestants whilst the MCs explained the rules. The aim of the competition was to finish their watermelon slice in the fastest time possible, with the judges qualifying that the watermelon was only considered completely eaten once there was no red flesh left on the rind of the fruit. The fastest one to finish the watermelon would then run to the centre and ring the bell to victory. The competition was a resounding success with the crowd as they shrieked and screamed in support for their favourite teams as they scarfed down their fruit (y’all must have stomachs of steel for real, I respect everyone who joined the competition) 

And with that, the 7 schools minival came to a close as students dispersed, going about their Friday night plans, with memories that would most certainly energise them for the weeks of hell ahead (yes I’m looking at you Week 9-11). 

Written by Ashley; Photos by Tshe

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