Crayon Burger

Interior 1By Emily Choong

Tired of the plain old brown burger bun and patty? Are you on a hunt for something new and colourful? Well, good news. Your search is over.

Crayon Burger was founded by a Taylor’s University architecture student in January 2013 and is located in SS15, one of the most congested areas in Subang Jaya whether day or night. It operates from 11.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m. from Tuesdays to Sundays. This is an excellent place to grab a burger filled with patties that are extremely juicy, seasoned to perfection and are made of 100% Australian grass-fed beef.

The significance of the name “Crayon Burger” stems from the use of their signature coloured buns (listed in the menu below).

menuLook at all the wacky names!

The prices may seem a little out of the range for those on a budget but know this; this is not your typical roadside Ramly burger stall. This restaurant is furnished with eye-catching graffiti on the walls and it offers a comfortable environment of spaciousness and air conditioning.

Interior 2

I would recommend the following Crayon Burgers:

Zombie BurgerZombie Burger [RM14.00] served with sesame bun.

HashtagHashtag [RM15.00] perfected with a glorious piece of hash brown.

Peanut butterPeanut Butter Bacon [RM15.00] served with an excellent, unique combination of raspberry jam and peanut butter.

the BossThe Boss [RM16.00] which contains a very mild wasabi mayonnaise sauce.

 I highly recommend you complete your meal with the add-on fries and bottomless soft drink for an additional cost of RM5.00. Also, the buns, despite the different colours available, taste the same. They use 100% naturally colouring in their freshly baked buns.

 At the moment, they only accept cash. Once you’ve paid, DO NOT dispose your receipts for your order numbers are printed on them. Their system is exactly the same as The Lunchbox at Sunway Monash Residence. Also, remember to show your student ID and request for the 10% student discount.

To those who are concerned about their meat types, beef is all they have. They do not serve pork.

Now here’s the biggest question. How do I get there?

To be safe, take a taxi from Monash University to No. 38, Jalan SS15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. You should see the massive SS15 market with orange roof tops on the right side when you reach there. Crayon Burger is situated on the opposite row (on the left). Here are a few taxi numbers to contact if there are no taxis waiting at the entrance of Monash University:

Comfort Radio: +60380242727

Public Cab: +60368592020

Sunlight: +60390571111

It should NOT cost you more than RM10.00 to get from Monash University to Crayon Burger. Ensure that the taxi you’re taking has a functioning meter. Refrain from taking taxis with flat rates. If the taxi driver decides to charge you a suspiciously high price just because of the peak hour traffic, do not be afraid to reject this offer.

If you decide to drive there, please note that you have to park at the public parking spot, which will cost you RM0.50 per hour (parking ticket can be purchased at the yellow meters) and refrain from double parking unless you wish to get a fine. However, parking after 6.30 p.m. is free.

To get there by public transport, you can take bus U623 from the bus-stop outside Sunway Pyramid near Haagen-Dazs or any bus that goes towards Subang Parade and drop off once you pass the roundabout near SS15. From there, head towards Taylor’s College Wisma Subang Jaya (an 8-storey blue-ish building with the signboard that says “Canadian Pre-University”). Ensure that you are on the same row as the entrance of the building and opposite Salmon Steak. From there, walk all the way straight down until you see Crayon Burger.

After taking the following transportation tips into account, I highly suggest grabbing dinner after 7.00 p.m., that is if you’re planning to head there on a weekday. This will allow you to avoid the peak hour as well as the afternoon college crowd.

For more information about Crayon Burger, visit their Facebook page or their Twitter.

Emily Choong is our new food columnist, look forward to her articles every Thursday evening as she reviews the best food places for Uni students. 

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