4th MUSA Council Meeting 2013 – Highlights

4th council meetingBy Lestari Hairul

The 4th MUSA Council Meeting started at approximately 6.40pm in the MUSA meeting room with an announcement by the General Secretary regarding the previous meeting’s minutes and the acceptance of its final draft. The President then went on with his report that included the clarification on the extended length of time being taken for the production of business cards.

7 rooms of the MUSA offices will be given a change of locks; each procedure will cost RM 70 and the justification for the price include the necessity of preventing break-ins through well-utilised methods.

The reimbursement issue with the World MUN delegates was finally resolved today after close to an hour of detailed rehashing of the predicament and hearing the justification of actions from both the MUSA ExCo and the president of the Monash Model United Nations club. For more details, please refer to the 4th Meeting Minutes which will be available soon on the main MUSA website.

According to the Treasurers’ report, the total MUSA expenses as of 3rd May 2013 is RM 113, 965.71

The meeting was officially concluded at approximately 8.01pm but the President proposed some more moments dedicated to resolve and discuss any issues that are outside of the official department reports since this was the final meeting of the semester. The Library Committee will be looking into the problems raised by several students about the noise pollution in the library and there will also be some news in the upcoming days regarding the availability of more study areas outside of official school hours.

Seeing as the Monash Sunway Confessions page has been a huge hit with the student population, the Editors requested that the President clarified the official stance of the 2013 MUSA Council. There were concerns raised by a few individual Monashians that were brought to the attention of the Council. The President gave his official statement as follows:

“MUSA can’t close down or moderate it as it is in the public sphere. The people need a platform to express their ideas.

With that said, we defend the fundamental rights of a human [sic], therefore, if a certain name is mentioned and if we feel that the post endangers the person then it breaches the rights to privacy [..] and therefore [sic] MUSA will advise the admin. 

We will not seek to take control, this is to protect the rights to freedom of expression.”

The President also elucidated further the role of MUSA in light of several comments made by members of the student population:

“The role of the Student Association is voicing out and this means that our limit is actually voicing out, sadly [sic]. We have no control over what happens in the University but we represent the voice. And at the moment I am still quite happy that our voice is heard.

There’s a misconception that everything in the university is controlled by us.”

To download the 2nd Meeting Minutes, please visit the MUSA website.

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