When I was your age: Open to submissions

You’re all grown up now, aren’t you? Or do you just wish you could go back to the simple times, your childhood days where you didn’t want to go to bed so early, wanted to eat all junk food for lunch, back when all you had to worry was how you’d spend your pocket money at the school canteen and how you’d spend your time gossiping at the back of the classroom. 

Our parents have been there for us ever since we were young, while they remained a constant and reassuring  presence, we have evolved from being a curious bumbling toddler in kindergarten, to eager primary schoolers exploring the world of new friends and new sceneries in school, to our rebellious phase as high schoolers where we used to scoff when they tried giving us advice that sounded so foreign to our ears back then. And even then, despite maybe having fallouts along the way, they’re still there to guide us. 

Some people may not have met their parents, or their parents are only parents by blood and name, but not by action. Some don’t have a good relationship with theirs or they just simply didn’t grow up around them. We hear you and we acknowledge you. People who have been there from the start with us don’t necessarily need to be directly blood related, it could be your best friend, your brother from another mother, sister from another mister, your guardian, your aunt, or your grandparents, your foster parent. Nonetheless, we want to celebrate the people who have been there for us since Day 1. The ones who have rooted for us since the beginning. 

Link for submissions is here.
Please read the Anonymity and Housekeeping Rules section. 

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