MUSA Did What : In with the new (MSC#3)

Welcome back to MSC News! We’ve missed you guys since the first article came out but don’t worry because we are here to stay (our DMs are always open if you’ve got any feedback ;)). If you’re new here, fret not! Let us recap on the basics. What is MSC? The Monash Student Council consists of the MUSA Office Bearers talking about important stuff ranging from going back to campus to highlighting any pressing issues. Alright, onto the first highlight! 

Recently, MUSA as a whole have just recruited 200 new subcommittee members for their respective departments and divisions, from the 7 Schools, to the Clubs and Societies Division to the President’s Department and even MONGA has recruited 20 new talents! New faces and fresh ideas are always so exciting. MONGA wishes all subcommittees a happy welcome to the team and good luck, have fun serving your term here <3

Next up!

We found out that not one, but Two office bearers have recently officially resigned from their positions. Both officer bearers, Airina, who was our Publicity Officer and Wilson, who was our Welfare Officer, have cited their resignation due to personal reasons. Let’s thank them for their hard work and wish them all the best! 

On another note, let’s welcome the new Office Bearers that were elected during the by-elections! Joseph Vincent is our new Publicity Officer, while we have our dynamic duo Eu Jiunn and Jessy Wong as our new School of Business Representatives! Not forgetting, Dulana and Imaya as our School of Engineering Representatives, another great pair! Last but not least, we also have Angeline as our School of Information Female Representative and Mok as our Male School of Pharmacy Representative. Congratulations guys! 

Moving on!

On the School of Business report, it was mentioned that during a Zoom class there were students who used inappropriate language to address the academic staff as well as spammed the Zoom chat with vulgarity. We want to remind everyone reading this to be mindful of what they say and to RESPECT each other, especially your classmates and your tutor or lecturer. If you actually paid attention and did those units below, then you’d know what we mean 🌝

And now for what you’ve all been waiting for, our cover on the whole MUCP shebang. From the MSC Feedback as well as the MUISS CRO’s report, it is shown that MUCP has posted several anonymous confessions from students where there were racist undertones and understandably, there were communities that were upset about it. The confessions have now been taken down but one thing is for sure, racism is NOT a topic that has a ‘Agree or Disagree’ button, it’s not even a topic up for debate, we do not tolerate any hate speech against any group of people. Gentle reminder, we all play an important part in creating safe spaces both online and offline. 

That’s all from us this time! See you guys after the next MSC. 

Article by Christie Wong

Header by Angeline Ho

Thanks for the effort from the two of them for
finding these accurate pepe memes

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