2nd MSC Meeting: Highlights

MONASH University   Student Association   Student Council   Musa AdministrationBy Emily Choong

The 2nd MSC meeting commenced at 7.09 p.m. on 13 March 2014 at the MUSA discussion room at the Sports Centre.

The President began the meeting by welcoming the newly elected Editors to the council. He then announced that the Campus Space Audit Taskforce, established to manage space in lieu of the construction occurring campus- wide, will be closed after Phase 3 is completed.

Students will have access to the MUSA office floor from 9.00 a.m. till 5.00 p.m. General office hours are from 10.00 a.m. till 4.00 p.m.

The library bean bags are temporarily stored at the MUSA discussion room as students have been found to be misusing them. The council will keep responsibility of the bean bags until they have decided how to continue with this issue, to prevent more mishaps occurring.

A total of RM17, 090.80 was approved by the council for the Club & Societies Officers to settle club reimbursements from the previous year. Clubs and societies were given 2 weeks to collect their unclaimed finances.

The case of the Publicity Officers was raised during the meeting as it was highlighted that one of the officers is currently on an exchange semester in Australia. This particular agenda took nearly an hour to resolve as the council attempted to go around the constitution to save the Publicity Officers from being voted out. The motion was not carried and they remained in their positions, on the condition that they fulfil their duties and tasks as agreed upon.

The council was urged to take action on the worsening haze issue as the Vice Presidents proposed the use of funds to buy 1000 masks for distribution as a matter of urgency. This was to be undertaken if the OSHE Committee did not distribute the masks as designated by an email they sent to the Vice Presidents.

The meeting concluded at 10.56 p.m.

Meeting minutes can be accessed here once they are posted online.

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