Orientation Bash March 2014

ImageWritten by Soh Ai Lin

Photos by Wong Wei Yng and Tan Wen Jie

184 excited first-years invaded Bayu Beach Resort, Port Dickson on the 15th March 2014 for the first Orientation Bash of the year. Here’s what happened during that one full day of fun, sun and new friends:

Ten minutes into the journey, the competition commenced between the facilitators on the bus! And here’s presenting the winner of the bus selfie challenge!


BUS THREE!! (Obvious win here since Merciana is in the bus. Like, have you seen her instagram account?!)

ImageThe tug of war did not only involve strength, but blood (literally) and fire for their team as well. The rain paid us a short 15 minutes visit but everyone insisted on going on with the game. Team spirit for the win! Way to go, first-years and facilitators!


ImageIf there was a competition on photobombing pictures, these would probably get the recognition for the best photobombs! Thanks for making the process of filtering pictures fun and entertaining!



Check out the guy in yellow shirt, what a jump!

No Orientation Bash is complete without throwing people into the sea; its almost like a compulsory thing to do. One of the editors even thought of hanging a sign around her neck that says “Don’t throw, can’t swim, will die”. 



In the midst of everyone throwing each other into the sea, some just preferred to just sit and enjoy the sun and sand all over them (literally)!



Overall, it was a great fun- filled day, with the weather being on our side and the haze, nowhere near. Thank you, all 184 of you, facilitators, activities sub-committees and both the activities chairpersons for making the Orientation Bash a resounding success!


Look out for the full report in our upcoming Monga!


Peace out!

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