When 50 Meets 50: An Experience


Written by Number Thirteen | Photos by Tan Wen Jie

The setting:

Fifty guys and fifty girls. 50 tables draped in red cloth arranged in rows. 2 chairs were faced opposites at each table. The twist?

All the participants were blindfolded.


To preserve anonymity, the organizers decided that it was best to carry out the “speed dates” blindfolded. Personally, it was a little intimidating to know I was to be blindfolded when signing up, but it’s always great to enjoy new experiences! Robbed of my sight, I was assigned the lucky number 13. Henceforth I will be known as Number Thirteen to all my “dates”.

How does it feel like to meet someone for the first time…..without seeing them?

It starts with entering the freezing exam hall (The Arctic Circle from Hell!). The guys were already in their seats waiting for the girls to fill the seat opposite them. The two emcees: Numbers Seventy- Seven and One Hundred, acted as our guiding voices, letting us know when it was time to switch dates, talk softly, request for water and sneakily take pictures with unknowing participants.


See what I meant?

Here’s how it goes: the initial date starts with the girl taking the seat across from the waiting guy and conversation commences until the allotted five minutes is up. After the goodbyes and awkward handshakes, the guy will be led to another table to meet his new “date”.

Rinse, repeat, recycle.

It was fun chatting and getting to know my “dates” and some of my fake “dates” when the MUSA members decided to pose as “dates” and chat me up. Some of the high points of my evening include a particularly enjoyable conversation about anime with a Mauritian guy I met, meeting an old high school friend, an old friend from primary school, who absolutely did not believe me and I even met a friend from classes and we chatted about assignments and life. There was also this one guy who stood out by asking me interesting questions like: “if you could watch a concert by any artist at any place, where would it be?” I must say that the most frequently used word that evening was “so….”

Here was the highlight of my day. No, not the pizza. But the inevitable had to happen. I knew it was too good to be true but I encountered my first aggressive date. Luckily, it was towards the end! Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy it and they were the longest five minutes of my entire life – but THE SHOW MUST GO ON! I persevered and was rewarded with another “date” who was my “date” two or three dates ago (that was quick!). I can’t speak for every participant at the event but I had certainly had an enjoyable time.

After the entire dating process was over, the girls went down to have dinner (free pizza woohoo!), while the guys placed roses at the column of the number of the girl who impressed/interested them the most. Afterwards, these roses were delivered to the respective girls, while the girls and guys privately approached the organizers to give them the numbers of the “dates” they would like to get to know better.


Before I end this, here are some misconceptions I’d like to address:

  1. No, we did not meet fifty guys or girls in one day.
  2. No, not all of us were in it to find our one true love there.
  3. No, not all of us are painfully single and desperate. We’re pretty happy with our single life.



Bring breath mints and drink lots of water on dates. Fresh breath goes a long way.

When 50 Meets 50 was a collaboration effort of all the school representatives of MUSA.

Number Thirteen thanks you for the yummy pizzas.


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