MUISS Elections 2014



Written by Naadia Buhary | Photos by Wong Wei Yng

Two teams contended against each other at the recently concluded MUISS (Monash University International Student Services) election 2014. Spectrum (in yellow) and The Blue Alliance (in blue, of course) comprised of students from diverse nationalities, such as Sri-Lanka, Iran, Mauritius, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand and Indonesia to name a few.

Campaigning took place the week of 7th– 11th April, with the presidential debates on the 9th and voting on the 10 and 11th of April 2014. Both teams campaigned enthusiastically and attracted a large crowd to their booths set up outside the library.

I, like everyone else, was eagerly awaiting the Presidential debates, which would determine which candidates and which parties would prove their mettle stronger. The debate was held in the foyer, with the candidates delivering their policy speeches, followed by the candidates asking questions from each other. The floor was then open to current MUSA and MUISS members, as well as the international student population. This was when the debates got intense.

The candidates were both questioned on the content of their policies, as well as those of their team. There were concerns that several members of both parties were not fully aware of their constitutional duties, which was pointed out at several times during the debate. Heated issues included visa procedures for international students, activities and events planned out for the year and financial planning. There was much confusion regarding the publication of MUSA’s financial documents, which was eventually cleared up by the current President and Vice President of MUSA.

Despite the fiery exchanges, the candidates did manage to hang on to their wits and prove their mettle as future ambassadors for the international student community here at Monash Malaysia.

After a week of campaigning, and two days of anxious nail-biting, the future MUISS committee was announced on the evening of Friday 11th April 2014. Hats off to all the candidates for their hard work and effort during an intense period of campaigning.  Congratulations and good luck to the incoming MUISS committee! Well done!

Here’s the incoming MUISS committee:


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