Orientation Bash’16

By: Aurelie Mok

On the 5th March 2016, the first orientation bash of 2016 was held at Outbac Broga!

Early in the morning, over 200 students were at the field – all ready for the amazing day they were about to spend with their buddies and MUSA committee!

Pic 1

After registration, breakfast was served and at 9.30 am sharp, everyone hopped onto the buses – destination: OUTBAC BROGA!

Once there, all students were briefed by the Outbac Broga instructors under the scorching sun, yet, everyone was eager to try the various activities available!

Pic 4

Such activities were rock climbing, kayaking, volley ball and the best for the last – flying fox!

Pic 5

Pic 6

Furthermore, an ‘Amazing Race’ was organized where the students were separated into different teams and each team had to perform a range of activities like these..

After the completion of each activity, a tool, together with a clue, was given to the participants; the clue would allow them to determine which station was the next activity held and as for the tool, can you guess? What can we do with matches, spoon, water bottle, etc…?

In fact, the goal of this race was to collect tools at each station so as to be able to make a cup of hot Milo, simple as that! The participants had to start the fire themselves and the fastest team to prepare the Milo was the big winner of the race!


In the evening, a tasty barbecue dinner was served, followed by a breathtaking fire performance by the Outbac Broga instructors!


About 10.00 pm the show was over and all students headed back to the campus in their respective buses! Everyone was exhausted, yet the smiles on each student face could tell how much they enjoyed the day and made this event a successful one!






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