Discover.. Monash!

By: Katherine Khaw 

“Come along and join us!”

These are the words spoken by students of various nationalities, beaming wide in a parade designed to showcase the diverse community here. Accompanied by the traditional Malay kompang, they march proudly around campus with the occasional, spontaneous dance, catching the attention of visitors who are keen to find more about Monash.

What does it mean to ‘Discover Monash’? Just like how people are likely to embark on several definitions, one can be certain that we are spoilt for choice in Monash. Beginning from eleven in the morning until three in the afternoon, several programs have been scheduled for us to experience and learn from.

Talks, tours, performances and activities are plentiful on this day. One becomes accustomed to this spacious campus and appreciate its beneficial facilities, such as rock climbing and walking the tightrope. The cafeteria had its array of cuisines such as Sri Lankan specialities and desserts like cendol to cool down in the sweltering heat.

One cannot have sufficient time to describe the workshops held or demonstrations presented, garnering the interest of the public. Activities like henna painting and face painting also brought joy to the visitors, enabling them to return home with a new look.


One can be confident, nevertheless, that Monash University is a powerhouse for education and the social development of its students. Thus, it continues to thrive on its vibrant and interactive culture for many years to come.

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