Fat Basterd: It’s more than just a burger

Written by: Sandeep Dhanoa

Over the past few years, KL has undoubtedly been bitten by the burger bug. The city’s food scene has witnessed assorted burger joints, such as the ever-improving myBurgerLab and the underrated Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB), joining in to revolutionise KL’s burger scene. However, this post is not about the best burger joint in KL, instead this pays homage to what I personally feel is KL’s undisputed no. 1 burger, the Muhammad Ali of burgers, the king of kings, the ultimate Fat Basterd burger.

Fatboy’s the Burger Bar plays host to this amazing creation. Sticking true to its name, the Fat Basterd is without a doubt a mammoth work of art. With a choice of beef, lamb and pork patties, the Fat Basterd is built around not one, but two of these juicy protein-packed patties. In addition, a piece of fried egg done just right so that it oozes with delightful warm yolk as each bite is taken, promising to maintain the juiciness of the burger right till the end, along with its partner in crime, a smoky barbecue sauce. Furthermore, the addition of crispy bacon adds texture and wholesome flavour to this beautiful creation. All of these tantalising combinations are then topped with some melted, gooey cheddar cheese.

The Fat Basterd is also accompanied by a hearty serving of vegetables with thick-sliced potato fries. Yes, potatoes are vegetables indeed. Lastly, two sesame buns sandwiching these scrumptious ingredients, and the Fat Basterd forms a gorgeous sight to behold and cherish. Bear in mind that table etiquette goes out the window when it comes to devouring this beautiful mess. Getting down and dirty is the name of the game here. This is not a high-tea session with scones on the menu. However, if the Fat Basterd seems too hot to handle, the Wimpy burger offers some respite, albeit with a hint of shame, as it is practically half the size of its elder sibling but with the identical ingredients.

To complement the flavourful Fat Basterd, Fatboy’s presents its diners an opportunity to run wild with their imaginations and create their very own signature burgers. Wanting to stray away from the norm and top your burgers with fruits? Well, grilled bananas, peaches and pineapples provides a ‘healthier’ approach. Top these with a serving of Nutella and suddenly the world already seems like a better place.

Finally, a special mention also goes out to the ever-present Ramli burger. It seems rather easy to forget about this classic treat, especially with gourmet burgers now being the norm. Nevertheless, to those nights when you were broke, too lazy to drive, the internet abandoning you and getting bojio-ed by your mates over a night out, remember the Ramli stall just down the street from home was always there for you. And it always will be.

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