Oh no, it’s Clubs & Societies Week! What club should I join?

The Clubs & Societies Week is that time in the semester when students, both new and old start getting involved with different clubs that offer a variety of different experiences for all fellow Monashians to enjoy and cherish for a lifetime! A brainchild of the Clubs & Societies Division, this week will be a week filled with amazing music, meeting new faces and experiencing different co-curricular lifestyles as you stroll down by the booths at the foyer. We took the liberty to compile a list of all the different clubs and societies that are currently promoting their events and opening up their memberships so if you feel like any one (or two or three) of them resonate with your passion and interests, come down to the foyer and start signing up quickly!

If you are a sports enthusiast and you have been super keen on getting your heart and muscles pumping, here’s a list of different sports clubs that are opening up their memberships on campus right now! Go join and start shopping for that cute pair of sports shorts! 

Sam CNS Week MON-7.jpg
Do YOU want to be a champion?

Monash Athletics & Running Club  

Monash Badminton Club

Monash Basketball Club

Monash Cheerleading Club

Monash Cricket Club

Monash Dodgeball Club

Monash Futsal Club

Monash In-Line Skate Club

Monash Muay Thai Club

Monash Pool & Billiards Club

Monash Shito-ryu Karate Club

Monash Shudokan Aikido Club

Monash Taekwando Club

Monash Swimming Club

Monash Yoga Club

Monash Ultimate Frisbee Club

Monash University Netball Club

Monash University Table Tennis Club

Monash University Rock Climbing Club


If you are not the kind who likes running after a ball or getting your muscles worked up at a session of Muay Thai, don’t worry. There are an assortment of other clubs who are more laid back and carry out their activities indoors. They could be either academically related, something more cultural or anything at all that may spark a special interest inside you! Some of them include the:-

The Monash Accounting and Finance Club

  • They have organised company trips, investment talks & challenges and the CPA Career Expo in 2016. Join them this year for more incredible activities in 2017!

Monash Business Club

  • This is the more laid back club where they strike a perfect balance between academics and having fun. Among the things they have in store include being a part of a fun and exciting race that’s organised at different locations annually and organising a bazaar!

Monash Dance Fusion Club

  • It is the club to join if you’re ever passionate about learning different dance styles like Latin, Jazz & Hip Hop among others!

Monash Music Club

  • If you’re interested in different sections of the music field including singing or instrument playing, you can definitely join them!

Monash Performing Arts Club

  • With an annual staging of the end-of-the-year play, the Monash Performing Arts Club is definitely the platform you would want to explore if you’re ever interested or looking at chances of joining Broadway in the future! We know you want that Tony Award!
Sam CNS Week MON-9.jpg
Think you can act?

Monash Science Innovative Club

  • If you’re a science lover and you want to explore opportunities in the field, MSIC is definitely the place to go to – they have got industrial site visits and you get to conduct experiments during meetings!

Monash Street Dance Society

  • If you are more of a street dance kindda person (we’re talking Kpop, Hip Hop, Urban & Street Jazz), feel free to head over to their booth and sign up!

Monash Students’ Psychology Interactive Network (SPIN)

  • Not limited to just psychology students, it is a club that encourages social networking and has got fun events in store for everyone to be a part of.

Monash University Medicos Society

  • The networking group for all medical students to be a part of!

Monash University Pharmacy Society

  • The networking group for all pharmacy students to be a part of!

Monash University Chinese Cultural Society

  • If you are interested in being a part of a group that learns and embrace the Chinese cultural identity and to meet new friends, this is definitely the group to join!

AISEC Monash

  • A programme that’s designed to expose students to the vast experiences out there when they go on exchange for a few months and this year, they aspire to instil leadership qualities in their participants in order to better prepare them for the future. Go visit their booth if you have any questions!

Monash Animanga Guild

  • If you’re a fan of anime, this is the club you might want to join!
Sam CNS Week MON-3.jpg

Monash Board Gaming Club

  • With over 30 board games in store, it would definitely be a fun and interactive session with the other members if you love board games just as much!

Monash Cinematic Club

  • If you are a movie buff, look no further! Head over to their booth now!

Monash Chamber Orchestra

  • Have you ever been in an orchestra? Have you heard them play? Have you ever realised how amazing they sound? This club will allow you to experience all of that!

Monash Entrepreneurship Club

  • They give you the opportunity to experience what it’s like to run a business and they organise business talks by successful business icons! This is the biggest club in Monash Malaysia and if you want to be a part of this amazing club, go visit their booth!

Monash First Aiders Bureau Society

  • They are ready to equip you with first aid skills that you can always use for the rest of your lives. If you want to learn more, go visit their booth by the Library!

Monash University Investment Group

  • If you are interested in learning what it takes to be an investor and to connect with the finance and investment professionals, head over to their booth and sign up!

Monash Leo Club

  • They organise and participate in different charity events with focus on Humanity, Paws & Tropicana!

Monash Photography Club

  • If you love photography, you know where to go!

Monash Model United Nations Society

  • If you are the kind who is incredibly passionate about resolving world issues and engaging in discussions that’s related to politics, war and the different forms of humanitarian crisis and you want your voices to be heard, this is the platform you should definitely explore!

Monash News Club

  • They aspire to build a culture and social environment that students can identify with. If you are looking at an opportunity to contribute to their upcoming news prints, head over to their booth to ask them how!

Monash Radio Club (Radio Monash)

  • With different announcers on air, Radio Monash is definitely the platform to explore if you are interested in the radio industry. They also play amazing music and have got a bunch of talented and fun announcers.
Sam CNS Week MON-12.jpg
Did you know Monash had a radio station?

Monash Science Club

  • They’ve got industrial visits, road trips and exhibitions coming up in the near future!

Monash Sunway Association of Debaters

  • If you ever wish to be the next Syed Saddiq of Monash, join this club and discover the ingrained talent inside of you!

Monash Toastmasters Club

  • This is the club you should definitely go to if public speaking is your thing or if you are interested in learning how to improvise your public speaking skills.

Motorsports Team Monash

  • If motorsports is your favourite thing, you know what to do!

Monash iChemE

  • For engineering students who are specifically into chemical engineering!

Monash iMechE

  • For engineering students who are specifically into mechanical engineering!

There are also a bunch of other societies that you can be a part of, some of which are collaborative efforts between different universities and Monash University Malaysia. They include:-

  • Sunway-Monash Green Representative Network which focuses on the well-being of the environment and creating awareness through social activities.
  • Engineers Australia Monash Sunway Student Section which aspire to link students to real life engineers and help them build their soft skills among others during their events.

Monash Cup Houses

  • Culebre
  • Leviathan
  • Manticore
  • Opinicus


If you ever feel like you would love to engage with a group of friends in a session spiritual enlightenment, there are clubs of different faiths that you can be a part of.

Monash Buddhist Society

Monash Catholic Society

Monash Christian Fellowship

Monash University Islamic Society

Monash Clinical School Buddhist Society

Sam CNS Week MON-10.jpg

We hope that you guys get as involved as you can because it’s an opportunity like no other to be meeting new friends and getting involved with activities which will of course enhance your experience as a fellow Monashian! Have fun and enjoy C&S Week!

Words by Calvin Fernandez

Photos by Samuel Goh 

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