This guy just won RM100! Find out how!

The winner for March’s thematic competition is Bryan Tan with his poem titled Rise of an ImagiNation! Honorable mention goes to Yau Jun Min’s “A Werewolf’s Lament”. Congratulations and watch out for our next competition coming soon! Check out the winning entry below!

Isn’t it truly a wonder,
For our careless minds to wander,
To places with storms and thunder,
That tear the ground asunder.

From the howling winds of Arendelle,
To the warm romance of Beast and Belle,
Stories and tales to share and tell,
Till the night sleeps and our eyelids fell.

Captivated by Hogwart’s charm,
Forbidden are spells which kill and harm,
Ride on broomsticks and learn to disarm,
Using a wand instead of firearm.

In a galaxy far far away,
Seeking the force with the Jedi’s way,
Luke, Obi, Yoda or Padme,
May the force be with you day after day.

Helping Ariel with her collection of treasure,
Fighting with Aslan in the witch’s displeasure,
Adventures and thrills beyond all measure,
All for the sake of fun and leisure.

Many a times we were told to stop,
To not daydream and get a real job,
To return from space or some mountaintop,
To strive to be the cream of the crop.

But this is where they’ve gotten it wrong,
To dance a dance or to sing a song,
Teaches us life and makes us strong.

-Bryan Tan-

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