J, K, L and M of Monash

J – Jaywalking

Who cares if there’s a well-built, elevator *and* escalator-equipped overhead bridge that links the main entrance to the BRT station and the shoplots of Sunway? A big part of Monash culture is a real-life simulation of Crossy Roads, where out of ‘convenience’ and pure laziness outweigh the risks of jaywalking across four lanes just to get to our parking lot, or heading out for lunch. The decision to have the divider fenced (allegedly due to an accident) has stirred plenty of unhappy jaywalkers, who are now accustomed to safer alternatives of either staying in, or using the bridge.


K – Kahoot!

Trigger happy or true genius?

Just like ASMR, Kahoot is one of those things that sends tingles down the spines of bored apathetic students in a tutorial. You haven’t truly experienced Monash until your senses have been overwhelmed by the hauntingly catchy track and wash of primary colours over a simple pop quiz.


L – Lifts (occasionally broken)

Are you guilty of taking the lift just to travel up/down a floor? Do you take pride in your stealthy side-eyes thrown towards those who do so? No other physical object demonstrates time and space as well as lifts do: claustrophobia, checked; seemingly longer waiting times, checked. Buttons, doubling as a morse code generator are also aggressively tapped as we express urgency and panic. For a student population this big, our poor lifts have been through it all.

Desmond_ahit (15 of 20).jpg
Lift me up to HDs, please…



M – MUSA Lounge

Minus the hazing, MUSA Lounge is the closest you can get to an on-campus frat house. It’s a place where people come to feel better about themselves: you get to unwind through a game of pool, a quick round of Playstation or just by judging others who choose to do so during a busy academic week.

[Terence] Monash Cup (Day 3 - Pool) 50.jpg
Anyone up for a game of pool with the Editors? 😉


Article by Ling Jie Tuang

Photos by Joseph Ma, Desmond Chin and Terence Kong


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