Open Mic Night: A MEWS and MHA Collaboration

It’s that time of the semester again! The familiar feeling of sleep deprivation, lethargy from all the mini panic attacks you get throughout the day because:

if you don’t get through this degree, you’re not going to get a job;
and if you don’t get a job then you won’t have financial freedom;
and that means you won’t be able to afford that
*inserts ridiculously expensive (but very impractical) thing you’ve always wanted to get*.

But I digress. It was the perfect setting for an evening of relaxation and taking a break from the hell that was Week 11. The rain subsided, casting this cool, ‘sweater weather’ vibe around campus while the MEWS committee set up the stage for the open mic night on the Monash field.

Derrick_Open Mic Night_1.jpg
All smiles for a stress-free evening with good food, company, and entertainment.

It was not until sunset, when people started coming in. Food was served pre-barbecued, and we all know the best kind of barbecued food is when you don’t have to do the cooking. We can avoid getting burned or having our hair smelling like grilled food for the rest of the night, and still get to enjoy the beautifully smoked delights. Everyone sat on tikars placed on the wet grass and having small talks whilst savoring the moment (and food).

Two girls started off the night with their rendition of Keep Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis, and of course, everyone was looking forward for them to get to that one note in the song (you know what I’m talking about), and they nailed it. There was also a girl who read a poem that she wrote herself and a guy who did a lil bit of stand-up comedy. If you were on campus that Friday evening, I am quite certain you would’ve heard a group of people singing to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda very enthusiastically. Even our photographer had a go at one of the most 90’s throwback song, When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating. And I must say, taking excellent photos is not his only talent.

Derrick_Open Mic Night_4
Telling this semester the depth of their emotions for it.

It wasn’t a night to show off one’s talent or anything, it was a night to let loose! To belt out the best kind of cringy karaoke music and just being carefree. The purpose of this event was to help students declutter the built-up stress from uni, from life, from people, and from all that’s been going on.

Despite having wet butts (from sitting on damp grass), everyone went home with hearts full and smiles on their faces because it was somewhat a therapeutic night. I’m not sure if it was the weather, the twinkling fairy lights set-up or the presence of good company, it sure felt like it was a temporary escape from the hectic student life.

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