“Lengzais and Lengluis”-Filled Buddy-Buddee Night by SOE

Trust me, hit that Limbo Rock by Chubby Checker and you’re going to be shocked at how low some of these Monash Engineers can go… eerily similar to how we all avoid life responsibilities honestly.

On 7th August, the School of Engineering Student Representatives and committee hosted a Buddy-Buddee night to connect over 100 junior and senior engineering students (also an opportunity for “advice” on future assignments?). As I walked towards the court, a long line of students were waiting to register, chattering excitedly about what they were wearing and how it related to the beach theme. Upon entering, the venue was beautifully detailed with fairy lights, lanterns, beach balls and potted plants – the badminton court changed from sweaty, go hard or go home to let’s limbo, talk about Fleming’s right hand rule and pizza! Dotted on the sides of the courts were (root) beer pong, darts, coconut bowling and a Waka-Waka gelato stand.

NICK - BBN - WM-34.jpg
The lime-flavoured gelato was yumssss!

The night kicked off with emcees Wail Gourich and Marian Yeow introducing themselves and welcoming everyone to a “chill night to mingle around with pizza”. And with that the night started with Mingle mingle as an icebreaker. For anyone that does not know this game, it is a cruel opportunity for organizers to embarass you. May I demonstrate? We have goldfish in a bowl, piggyback, dragon, and shoe (not a ring, mind you) marriage proposal and twin towers.

As everyone familiarised with each other through the ice-breaking games, the long-awaited time came: pizza! From the sidelines, as I watch everyone stuff their mouth with delicious food, I hear chatter about cultures, engineering assignments, best way to sleep in lecture without being detected and I can only laugh at how everyone was so oblivious to the little (lol, not really) thief listening in on their bits of conversations.

NICK - BBN - WM-33
This is how we propose to someone in Monash

As the night progresses, Wail and Marian introduce the performances for the night. From incredible choreography to breathtaking voices, I will honestly say that we were blessed with three amazing performances by the Monash Street Dance Club, Eric, and duo Ruo Wen and Ryan. Unfortunately I will have to skip the details as I could go on and on about how awesome the performances were!

Next, the highlight of the night was the Limbo challenge. What excitement aroused in the court as students jump on the limbo wagon ready to show off their skills! As Limbo Rock plays, the bystanders cheer their favourite competitors on. After a good 20 minutes of the challenge, 3 winners receive Monash University merchandise! At the photo session after, instead of shouting “cheese!”, Wail shouts “Fleming’s right hand rule!” before the shot! As an outside intruder on this intimate event, the small moments like this really make me appreciate the humour of engineers!

Looking good there, m8!

The night drew to a close with a Buddy-Buddee pairing session that was an opportunity for juniors to meet and seek advice from seniors that are in the same field of engineering. Many groups discussions were filled with excited discussions about the units, advice on best study approaches, and time management.

A definite success, the Buddee-Buddy night was an embodiment of the organizers’ hard work and effort. A massive congratulations to the School of Engineering Student Representatives and committee!


Article by Uthraa Iyer

Photos by Nicholas Khoo and Joseph Ma


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