N, O, P of Monash

[Terence] Random Monash (W3) 6

N – New Additions

Monash is constantly innovating and improving especially in the infrastructure department. With the introduction of more study spaces, rooftop garden as well as the coming transformation of the cafeteria (finally), it seems like Monash is constantly adding new additions on campus which is awesome you know despite the construction. Coming back each semester to find revamped areas and new infrastructure is always a delight.  


[Terence] Orientation Bash (July 2018) 16

O – Orientation

In university, weeks tend to fly by without you really realizing. Before you know it, it’s the end of the semester. With the blink of an eye, it’s already the beginning of the next one. For most the fever dream of assignments and tests, the days tend to blur together. One of the more memorable incidents throughout your years at Monash would definitely be your Orientation: your new friends and the ever-exciting Orientation Bash. Having thrown into a new environment, Orientation marks the beginning of your journey into ‘adulthood’ (or some semblance of it).


AMF Andrew-73

P – Party!

The common (almost cliche at this point) proverb goes, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ brings a necessary truth of the importance of balance. Whilst Monash is known and has a good reputation for its academic prowess, it also has its fair share of social events and parties. Whether it’s mingle nights, club events or even large-scale balls like the Monash Cultural Night and Ball, there’s practically an event every week. Initiatives like Glow Up! and Flash Friends give students an opportunity to let their hair down and de-stress from the demands of the semester. With it’s creative themes, swanky venues and loud music, the Monash Ball is considered the most anticipated event of the year.


Article by Sharifah Azlinah

Photos by Terence Kong and Andrew Peter Lim

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