MUSA Election Info Week

Week 4 would have seemed like any other dull week if not for the “MUSA ELECTION INFO WEEK” notice posted up on the MUSA booth located in front of the foyer, which successfully captured the eyes of many passers-by. It was finally that time of year whereby respective MUSA members had to fulfill their annual pledge of creating awareness regarding the upcoming MUSA elections as well as to get students familiarized with the role of MUSA within Monash.

School of Medicine and School of Art reps, Nicholas Tan and Leanne Lee cheerfully answered the inquiries of many while giving out free doughnuts and Monash badges as incentives to encourage students to step up and ask questions regarding MUSA.

No matter how long we stare at it, we will forever find the gigantic plush toy cute…

“The turnout rate for this year is surprisingly good, I think it is because of the doughnuts!” was the only comment Nicholas gave in the midst of attending to a group of students eagerly enquiring about the different posts available for the nearing election.

A few MUSA personnel on booth duty suspected that this year’s positive response had an indirect connection with the newly-elected government, whereby the Pakatan Harapan coalition toppled the Barisan government’s 61 year long reign. This year’s general election, unlike past elections, captivated youths toward being politically aware as well as encouraged many to exercise their democratic rights. The increased response towards the upcoming MUSA election from students was definitely a delightful sight. It was a relieving sign indicating the students’ willingness to engage and explore MUSA (Monash University Student’s Association).

When you’re a MUSA office bearer and a student asks, “What is MUSA?”


To sum up Monash Election Info Week in a nutshell, it was a friendly Q&A session between current MUSA members and fellow students who were keen on running for positions within the future student council. A booth was specifically set up at the university foyer whereby MUSA and MUISS members took turns manning the station to answer the enquiries thrown at them by students. Another important purpose of Info Week was to ensure students were fully aware of the upcoming elections to maximize the amount of participating student voters. This initiative was mainly directed at the newer intakes given the lesser amount of time and experience they had on campus in contrast with their seniors.

In regards to the upcoming election, there are currently two parties competing. The contesting parties are: The Vox and The Spero. Details and the list of running candidates of the respective parties were officially released on the 16th August via MUSA’s Facebook page (Check it out!). Thus, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the coming election happening in September and exercise those voting rights! (Your future depends on it, lol).

Your first line of contact: the School Representatives

Students are strongly advised to involve themselves with the upcoming elections, be it running for a position or vote. This enables the student council to serve as a vital “link bridge” between the students and Monash University itself.

Student council members have the honor of taking up the responsibility of caring and improving the overall wellbeing of Monash students as well as help voice out opinions which would have gone unheard of, given the sheer amount of students Monash Departments have to face on a daily basis.

Remember, a healthy learning environment needs a healthy student council. Don’t forget to vote!


Article by Lee Kah Hoe (Charles)

Photos by Daniel Sim


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