SOB Zombie Mingle Night

Being shocked is an understatement used to describe the reactions of passersby to the sight at Monash Sports Centre. What seemed innocently like a registration booth for the School of Business’ Mingle Night was crowded with students and the undead.

Yes. You read that right, zombies complete with gashes of red, the low hum of eerie music barely discernible from within, enough to leave one feeling cold with dread.

That doesn’t look like zombie blood…

Who would’ve thought our fellow July Freshies would be ‘warmly’ welcomed by the the sight of the ‘cold’ undead? Station games and rules were explained by subcommittees Vishaan and Kang Huey, before participants were dispatched to claim victory as their own, if they were still alive by the end that is.

As students travelled from station to station, they clung on tightly to their lifelines – a tail like paper tied to their waist – eyes wary of their surroundings. The fearful screams of participants echoed on campus grounds – not unlike the frenzy all university students go through when exam week nears – as zombies chased them down, claiming the lives with no mercy.

SOB Mingle Night-40
That night saw weird things…

A dark tunnel awaited all groups at one station, who proceeded nervously, desperately searching for spare lifelines (especially if they had not gotten any from their secret guardian angels, the SOB reps), only to run for their lives into the bright light at the end upon realizing the trap.

Once all stations had been completed, participants were in for a special final treat.   

Huddled on the field, they had to protect their lifelines for the 30 seconds the zombies could attack. Needless to say, we could count on the ingenuity of business students to protect their lives with ferocity.

Now that their greatest nightmare was over, participants proceeded to dinner with all smiles and helped themselves to Waka-Waka Gelato. Once seated in the Monash Sports Centre, they chatted excitedly with their newfound friends. Winners were announced to the jubilation of all, before a final group photo to wrap up the evening.


It was indeed a night of survival, but not done alone. Through this brief, but fun simulation of a ‘survival’ event marks the beginning of friendships and strong bonds for many years to come.

Article by Tiong Li San and Soh Zu Peng

Photos by Derrick See and Christal Fong


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