Politics: The Snake’s Speech

Editor’s note: Here’s the winner for our first instalment of ‘CHAOS’ on the topic of Politics! This piece has given me the same amount feelings without having the hassle to read through another YA dystopian trilogy that comes a two-part finale.


Armed, suited, I stand by the entrance

watching the herd hustling through like a

bubbling pot of lava about to kiss the floor of hell.

Children. Women. Men. White. Black. Aged. All

Stung by hope, fighting

to grab the seat offering a full view of him.

The Snake.


I pin my security badge and spot a familiar armed man at the door opposite, Alec.

Annual meetups with this one.

Optimism oozes from their veins, diffusing into the air.


Oh! Such hope; if only it lasted. Banners shout:

Vote for him!’ ‘Trust him!’

Loud chatter, simple minds fill the hall as the clock struck five.

Sealing the entrance of the cell, I lock the door and stand by the side.

Those who go in, never come out.



Gasps fill the air. Stifling silence. Whispers. Hush.

Slowly, the Snake slithers onto the stage,

it’s body, glistening with evil pride in the light.

Winding and twisting, I see the venom wavering on his lips. Then, he bites.

His promises, empty of any worth.

His hands, covered with filthy dirt.

With his insidious moves, he poisons, kills

everyone; clenching their brains in his firm grasp.


My eyes witness the tragedy; words shooting into their simple brains;


as their frowns turn to hopeful yet short lived smiles.

Spreading rapidly like an uncontrolled disease, he

captures them.


As the Snake buffets them with its final attack, hands come together in joy.

I chuckle to myself as I unlock the exit door.

They leave carrying nothing,


Nothing, but the venom of the Snake, with

lies spilled all over, and

dwell on promises that fail to materialise.

Year after year; decade after decade.

The Snake is relentless.

Exchanging a look with Alec, we wave each other goodbye –

Until next year, at

another Snake’s speech.


Sanya Bhatia


Illustration by Leong Pui-San


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