Pharmgineering Race 2019


NICK - Pharmgineering - wm-28.jpg

Just when we thought the Endgame fever has come to an end, the collaboration between SOP and SOE has brought us back for one more ‘assemble’. After thorough and detailed planning since December 2018, the pharmgineering race took place on the 10th of August with a track that’s littered all around Bandar Sunway. 

Wes, PharmGi 19', Watermarked-10.jpg

The event kick-started at 8 a.m. and delicious (like really delicious!) curry puffs were distributed to all participants. The race commenced shortly after a warm-up session and the first game station consisted of a series of rather creative games-‘try not to laugh challenge’, ‘who can hold a squat the longest?’, ‘bottle flip’ etc.


In each station, contestants were tasked with a variety of quests, to which they’re rewarded with ‘the stones’. The final stage of the game-an intense competition between Team Loki and Team Hawkeye- was to find the gauntlet. This stage was, in my opinion, the most intriguing, because it required both pharmaceutical and engineering knowledge to solve the coordinates for the location of the gauntlet.

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In the end, Team Loki won the first place, bringing home 6 pairs of wireless Bluetooth earpieces. The lunch was also extra appetising after all the competition and exhaustion. “I didn’t expect the escape room to be that challenging and creepy at the same time”, “It was definitely worth the money” and “We thoroughly enjoyed it and a huge thanks to the organisers for pulling off such a great event” were just some of the positive feedback shared by finishers.

Article by Irshika

Pictures by Nick Khoo, Sarah Law, Wesley Chung and Celine Chua.


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