Project Lockdown #4: Kuantan

Edited by: Chua Jia Ying

Kuantan is the administrative and commercial capital of Pahang, famed for its production of exquisite traditional handicrafts, batik and for its breath-taking waterfalls. Today, we take a look at what’s it been like living in Kuantan whose main economic drive, tourism, has taken a deep plunge since the implementation of the movement control order.

IMG_4565.jpgPhoto by: Jason Han

“Quarantine means staying at home all day long. On the downside, it can get boring really fast but on the bright side, it’s nice to take a break from the fast-paced lives we’ve been living thus far. One of fun opportunities that presented itself thanks to the quarantine is being your own chef! You don’t need a culinary degree to prepare one of Malaysia’s best meals, the ever so famous Maggi Kari. That’s right, who would’ve guessed that a Malaysian household staple would be a pack of instant noodles? Crack two eggs with it while it’s boiling and voila! Lunch (and/or dinner) is served. That tiny bottle that says Martell over there? Don’t worry too much about that, just a normal everyday beverage for me.” – Christie Wong


Photo by: Jason Han

“Ever heard of removing toxicity from your life? Usually, it would mean backstabbing people and nasty gossip but right now, it just means cleaning your house from top to bottom, sanitizing every single crevice until it’s all sparkly clean. Someone’s got to remove the viruses from this household, I guess it’s going to be me taking one for the team. It’s do or die.” – Christie Wong

Full photo collection by our photographer, Jason, is now up on Instagram (@musamonga)!

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