Humans of Monash #4: Rowena

Written by: Chua Jia Ying

Featuring: Rowena Mohan

I’ve always yearned to travel across the world, to experience cultures different from my own and to live moments I’d only ever get so little in a lifetime. When I was presented the opportunity to travel to Italy, it felt almost too good to be true. Travelling alone is never easy, let alone as romantic as those silvered screen movies depict it to be. I had my fair share of worries and stress before taking off but, the wonder and marvel that filled me the moment I stepped foot on Italy quickly outweighed them.

Months after my trip, tragedy struck. One moment, the cities were bustling and lively. Chatter and cheers filled the streets as street performers gathered to entertain. Attractions filled with such reminiscence and beauty. The next thing you know, the streets became deserted and eerily silent as people retreated into the safety of their homes. 

No one knew what was coming back then and neither did I, which is why I still find it hard to believe that these were the very same streets I took a stroll down just mere months ago. Lots of questions about what-ifs pop into my mind every now and then and I often find myself thinking, what could’ve happened, had I stayed longer. 

I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to experience Italy in its prime. I keep Italy and the countries affected by the pandemic in my prayers every night. When this calamity lifts, there is no doubt I’d go back to Italy to do what I did, all over again. To visit the places I went, to meet the people I met and to see the sights I saw. Italy, your beauty and magnificence remain vivid in my mind. 

Alla Prossima, Italy.

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