MUSA Did What : When will campus re-open ah? (MSC#2)

Hello dear reader, you might be thinking ‘Is this another MUSA propaganda?’ or ‘What the hell is MSC?’ followed by ‘Why should I be in a meeting with a bunch of MUSA officers anyways?’ Say no more! MONGA now brings you only the juiciest (as juicy as it can get in a student council meeting) highlights from MSC! Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with the mundane details (snooze fest much?), we sat through all those hours just for you! (Our Head Writer is really tired at this point.) 


On this week’s edition of MUSA did what?, we found out through a motion carried out by the Publicity Officer that the Instagram account of the Welfare Officers (@musa.welfare, if you’ve been active on Instagram you most likely would’ve seen it at least once) have breached several rules and will be taken down (Gasps.) Just kidding. After a long argument, they will now be in discussion for rebranding into @musa.cares as a wellness account focusing on mental health. We’ll keep updated on this situation.

Hey Welfare Officers, what about those prizes worth RM11,000 that you mentioned? Guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see if it’s true or false. (Note: The post was up until the 4th of March and as of now, has been taken down.)

Next story! 

There have been talks of a collaboration between MONGA and the Womxn’s Officers, and if I’m being honest, the two most open departments that talk about almost everything collaborating on the video for International Women’s Day? If you’re not pumped for it, then what are you doing with your life? Alright alright, we’ve got exclusive insider information (from our Media head) about the collaboration but keep it hush okay? There’s talks of Buzzfeed inspired..something about periods..simping..and size? Alright that’s enough hint dropping! 

To the MUCP dwellers, here’s your latest update, hot and piping just for you! 

As mentioned by Raegel, our School of Science rep, SOS has discussed with the School Heads and what they know is that certain students will be prioritised to be let onto the campus for labs when possible such as research students. 

As for SOMHS (School of Medicine and Health Sciences), the school reps have been hard at work; emailing the Course Management Office, running petitions and doing surveys to get their students back onto campus, especially for clinicals. In fact, they mentioned if CMO keeps coming back with the same generic answer, they might bring the issue up to the Pro-Vice Chancellor. Everyone say Thank you Shawn and Amirah! 

Now here’s the tea about Monash, alright guys listen carefully. 

Apparently, the management does not want to re-open the grounds for everyone yet as when they opened partially last year, there were students who didn’t follow social distancing rules and took off their masks (if any of you did that, I’m watching you.) But then again, were the staff just not enforcing the SOPs strongly enough? It’s up for debate but what they’ve been saying is that they will monitor the Covid-19 cases in Selangor. 

Almost 40 minutes worth of discussion about on-campus activities, basically the Monash management does not want to budge but MUSA will try to keep on appealing to the higher ups. It’s easy to say, hard to do. So for once, they’re doing something right, cut them some slack aite guys? 

And that’s all from us regarding MSC #2! 

Article by Christie Wong

Header by Angeline Ho

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