Zoomer: Open for Submissions!

(Not So) Happy (More Than) One Year of Discovering the Existence of Zoom! Eh, I mean one year of barely surviving online classes! 

Alright let’s try not to be pessimistic for this one but keep in mind that the keyword is Try. From smuggling in your meals in between classes or switching your camera off just to take a bite out of your lunch, faking shitty wifi connection to get out of answering questions from your tutor because you haven’t opened Moodle since a week ago to accidentally forgetting to mute yourself so your whole class including your tutor heard you or your family do or say something embarrassing. We’ve all seen so much on Zoom University that I’m sure you’d take a least 3 ‘yum cha’ (tea drinking) sessions to spill all of it. Love it or Hate it, we all have something to say about Zoom. 

For the last Thematic Month in Semester 1 2021, MONGA presents Zoomers, yes not Boomers, where you talk about the best parts, funniest, most embarrassing, most memorable, obnoxious, any moment really that you’ve experienced while in a Zoom tutorial/lecture/meeting. This will be in memory of the good and bad times we’ve had having online classes and meetings, fingers crossed we’ll all be able to meet each other for class on campus in Semester 2. 

Submit your story here

Alternatively, you may send your writing piece (essays under 1000 words, poetry, etc.) or visual artwork (comics, photographs, illustrations, paintings, etc.) to musa.editor@monash.edu and stand a chance to get your creative work featured in MONGA and win a RM100 voucher of your choice.

Deadline: 28th May, 2021

Write up by Christie Wong

Header by Angeline Ho

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