Butterfly Effect: Open to Submissions!

The term “Butterfly Effect” was coined by Edward Lorenz in the 1960s who, based on chaos theory, suggested that something as miniscule as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings as it takes off into sweet, spring air could cause minute changes in the Earth’s air pressure, a chain reaction, a torrential falling of dominos that could possibly lead to a tornado tearing up the Texas countryside. 

The multiverse theory suggests that our universe, with its hundreds of billions of galaxies and seemingly endless sea of stars, spanning tens of billions of light years, may not be the only one. 

That in another universe, somewhere in an entirely different collection of stars and planets, there is another version of our world as we know it but with one… slight… difference. 

What if the world as we know it had not been ravaged by a pandemic? What if you could, at the press of a button, reset your world, return to every single event in your lifetime and nudge yourself in another direction? How would the world around you or even you, as an individual be different? Would you be happier? Sadder? More at peace with yourself? 

The Butterfly Effect celebrates all the what-ifs, the other “yous” that could have been. Inspired by the classic heart-warming movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”, MONGA gives you the “redo” button that so many of us have pined for in separate moments of our lives. We invite you to look back on the chances not taken, the opportunities that just slipped through our fingers, and how our futures could have been so much more different that it is now. 

So, take our hand and let’s explore the other infinite versions of our lives, for better or for worse. 

How to participate? 

  1. Submit your writing piece (essays under 1000 words, poetry, etc.) or visual artwork (comics, photographs, illustrations, paintings, etc.) before 26th of March 2022.
  2. Stand a chance to get your creative work featured in MONGA and win a RM50 Grab Voucher. Winners will be announced on 1st of April 2022. 

Deadline: 26th March 2022

Article by Ashley Lim; Header by A. Danial Iman

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