MUSA Did What: Getting our S*** Together (MSC #2)

The moment that we have all been waiting for (and some have dreaded I’m sure) has finally arrived! 🤩 We are finally back on campus and able to meet each other without a screen separating us from our fellow peers. We hope that all freshies and old-timers have managed to navigate through Week 1 without too much cultural shock! 🤧

After a week of getting lost in between buildings, struggling with the jam and groaning over waking up early to search for parking spaces, the Editors have (hopefully) somewhat adjusted to a physical campus and are ready to bring to you, our beloved student body the highlights of MSC #2 ! 👀

New General Studies Units (okay this is actually REALLY important) 

Our Vice Presidential department has announced that there will be a new structure for the general studies units. PLEASE NOTE that this new structure will only be applicable for the SEMESTER 1 2022 intake onwards.  

This is the old structure that most of us seniors have already probably taken and are familiar with.  

And these are the units that will be applicable for students who have enrolled in Semester 1 2022 and will be applicable from that intake onwards. 

For those who are wondering what the heck general studies units are and why this is so important, here’s some context. General Studies units are units that ALL undergraduate students have to undertake as it is a REQUIREMENT in order to graduate in Malaysia. Essentially, if you don’t take these units at any point throughout your degree, you will NOT be able to graduate no matter how many HDs you get. 

Pro tip from a senior: Get them done during a summer semester, they’re pretty easy honestly. And yes for all SPM-takers do not worry, you are still exempted from taking MPU 3212 if you have a credit in your SPM BM. For IGCSE students such as myself, well… my best advice would just be to bite the bullet and get it over with :( 

For more information do visit

March Recruitment 

Our General Secretary (don’t worry he’s not in trouble this time) has officially announced that MUSA will be holding sub-committee recruitments throughout the month of March, so if you’re interested in beefing up that CV of yours, take a chance and apply for one of our many departments!

Most importantly, MONGA is also actively recruiting at the moment! :D If you think you have what it takes to be part of the team, hurry up and submit your application before it’s too late! 👀

(P.S. We have recently added a new position, find out more about our available positions HERE )

(Self plug: We only have two slots left in the writing department, I swear I’m a nice boss guys 😩  -Ashley)

C&S Week

Unfortunately, due to the high number of COVID-19 cases, the Clubs and Societies Division has decided to move C&S Week online, where a series of IG postings will be uploaded, from the 7th till the 11th of March,  detailing the different types or clubs and societies we have here at Monash, so don’t forget to check those out @musa.cnsofficial IG page! 

LET US INTO MUSA LOUNGE!! (also please gives us lockers, our backs hurt) 

If I had RM1 everytime a student asked me why MUSA Lounge wasn’t open throughout this week, I would have enough money to go to HaidiLao every day of the week 🥶 Unfortunately, once again due to the unshakable Ms Rona, MUSA Lounge will be closed for the foreseeable future in an effort to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines set by campus management and even this Head Writer’s tenacity could not weasel out an opening date from our Welfare Officers. (I’m sowie, I tried 🥺) 

Well there is some good news. For students who have multiple subjects within a day or simply just have too much stuff to carry with them everyday to campus, our Welfare Officers have already given notice for previous locker renters to empty out their personal belongings and basically GTFO so that they can be redistributed to the rest of the student body. Previous locker renters have till March 7th to collect their belongings and a locker rental sheet will go live on @musa.cares IG page as soon as they have all been cleared out 🥳

Who run the world? GIRLS! 

In conjunction with International Women’s Day (March 8th) our Wom*n’s Department has several events lined up including a series of informative IG postings and most exciting of them all,  a webinar entitled Women In Leadership: Dare to Take A Step, organised by Doctors Without Borders, where three passionate female leaders will be speaking about their experience of heading leadership roles in their respective industries. 

Not to be outdone, Editors have also collaborated with Ensemble to come up with Women’s March, an event where we will be accepting creatively written or photographic submissions that celebrate and acknowledge your personal brand of feminism ❤️

In summary the highlights of MSC# 2 are as follows:

  • Changes in General Studies units 
  • March Recruitment
  • Virtual C&S Week 
  • YOU SHALL NOT PASS INTO MUSA LOUNGE but we’re gonna give you guys lockers so… silver lining? 
  • Feminism FTW 

In the words of our beloved Activities Chairperson, Niraen who screamed: BYE B****** at the end of MSC #2, that concludes our second MUSA Did What and we hope to deliver you more hot goss the next time we see you! 😌💅✨

Written by Ashley Lim

Header Design by Chai Ting

Edited by Jing Wei

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