Stacks of History

You whisper in my ear about the rumours. It’s no surprise you’ve heard them 

“Some of the kids have sex in the stacks.” 

You glance over at me, a devilish smirk on a perfect face

I suppose it’s no coincidence you tell me this when we’re searching for history books

Your tongue darts out to lick your lips—an invitation to sin

And the library feels staggeringly more intimate than it did moments ago

Did you get off on the idea of imagining me pressing myself against you between the history of Rome and Cyprus? 

The idea of us writhing together, tangled mess of limbs hidden by centuries old academia?

Were you hoping I’d be okay being on my knees for you as your fingers gripped the spines of Homer and Wilde? 

Or were we truly just searching for books? 

Because I swear, then and there by the stacks, I wanted to make and destroy history with you

-Written By: Shau

-Picture By: Megan

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